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Szymon Soppa on 21.06.18 in Ruby on Rails

Three ways of iterating over tree-like ActiveRecord structures

You are building an e-commerce app and at some point you introduce a Category model as a part of Product data. A Category can have various subcategories, which are represented by the same model. At this point, it's obvious we are dealing with a tree-like data structure. Step by step, I'll introduce three ways of iteration over such a structure and compare their performance.


Post picking your charging model

Picking your charging model

How to select a charging model for your project?


Marta Wojciechowicz on 28.01.15 in How do we work
Post video encoding processor for carrierwave

Video encoding processor for CarrierWave, more options and background processing

Tips how to tackle with video processing.


Jarek Jeleniewicz on 21.01.15 in Ruby on Rails
Post how we became transparent

How we become truly transparent?

The specificity of our business field lets us to reap the benefits of the Internet environment and work with our clients remotely. By sharing mutual approach to e-business, we and our customers have worked out the key to success. And the name of this key is transparency.


Marta Wojciechowicz on 13.01.15 in How do we work
Post carrer wave   video conversion

CarrierWave - basic video conversion

Months ago we wrote about video converting with CarrierWave. Implementation with Voyeur gem is pretty outdated at the moment, so we though we could share something more up to date


Jarek Jeleniewicz on 06.01.15 in Ruby on Rails