Video encoding processor for CarrierWave, more options and background processing

21.01.2015 | Jarek Jeleniewicz

Tips how to tackle with video processing.

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CarrierWave - basic video conversion

6.01.2015 | Jarek Jeleniewicz

Months ago we wrote about video converting with CarrierWave. Implementation with Voyeur gem is pretty outdated at the moment, so we though we could share something more up to date

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Getting your Rails app running on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

7.11.2014 | Jędrzej Wiśniewski

Getting your Rails app running on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

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It’s a rails world babe and it ain’t magic.

23.09.2014 | Jędrzej Wiśniewski

Do you remember your first steps in Ruby on Rails? Can you recall your first line of code? For a while, let's go back to the good old days.

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Lost in (Rails) translation

24.06.2014 | Maciej Litwiniuk

Lit stands for “Lost in translation” and it describes mountable Rails engine that helps you and your client with translating Rails applications. As most of our work is made for foreign clients, we know the pain of translating few thousand phrases. You can use YAML files and forward them to the client. Good luck with that - it only confuses people. That's why we've started looking for an easier way - web interface for managing I18n translations.

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wroc_love.rb 2014 summary - pt2

19.03.2014 | Marta Wojciechowicz

A lot of water has passed under the bridge, emotions have stabilized, points of view are sharpened. So, we did as we promised – we cross-examined our witnesses who have participated in the conference. And they came clean about everything!

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wroc_love.rb 2014 summary - pt1

17.03.2014 | Marta Wojciechowicz

All good things come to an end. We have left Wrocław wiping tears from our eyes, enriched with the knowledge, experience and positive memories. And the very best feeling about the Silesian creative ruby fuss is that Prograils prides itself in being one of the official supporters of the conference.

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Happy birthday, dear Ruby, happy birthday to you!

24.02.2014 | Maciej Litwiniuk

Let's celebrate the 21st anniversary of Ruby!

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Ruby 2.1.0 performance in Rails tests

30.01.2014 | Piotr Boniecki

Ruby 2.1.0 introduced many performance improvements.

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Jenkins setup for Rails and Bitbucket

14.12.2013 | Kuba Szwachła

If you haven’t installed Jenkins yet, hop over to the Jenkins Wiki page on installing Jenkins.

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29.08.2013 | Maciej Litwiniuk

We do love programming hackatons – we have some experience with Rails Rumble and now it seems that we know something about game programming as well. Last weekend Ludlum Dare 27 took place, with leading theme – “10 seconds”.

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Why Facebook is not showing share dialog inside tab

15.10.2012 | Maciej Litwiniuk

Today I struggled for a few hours with non-working FB.ui share dialog on facebook tab (so no authorization or whatsoever was required). The strange thing was that the script worked great in dev environment and refused to work in production.

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Video encoding processor for CarrierWave

1.02.2012 | Maciej Litwiniuk

Recently I was wondering if it’s really easy to create own processor / converter for CarrierWave.

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