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Who we are

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Mac Litwiniuk

Co-Founder & CEO

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Tomasz Błachut

project manager

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Leszek Smentek

mobile developer

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Jarek Jeleniewicz

rails and iOS developer

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Andrzej Pietruczuk

Mobile developer

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Michał Majchrzycki

mobile developer

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Piotr Boniecki

rails developer

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Jędrzej Wiśniewski

rails developer

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Robert Kaczmarek

Rails Developer

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Rafał Mularski

rails developer

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Łukasz Maślej

rails developer

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Bartosz Kaczor

rails developer

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Robert Zieliński

rails developer

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Michał Buszkiewicz

rails developer

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Zuzanna Sawala

rails developer

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Jakub Żuchowski

Rails Developer

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Piotr Wasiak

Rails Developer

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Szymon Soppa

Rails Developer

Primary hero

Bartłomiej Bykowy

Front-end Developer

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Marcin Pakuła


Primary hero

Mateusz Zieliński

Junior Tester

Primary hero

Przemysław Nikratowicz


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Marta Wojciechowicz


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Grzegorz Ciepiel