Elixir/Phoenix web development

Software projects with huge traffic and user count choose web development with Elixir and its dedicated framework Phoenix. Both benefit from the Erlang Virtual Machine, battle-proven in telecom projects. But the origins in telecommunications do not limit Elixir and Phoenix to this field. They can be applied in pretty much any industry in need of scalable software solutions.

Why Elixir and Phoenix?

Besides great scalability, Elixir’s strengths are high concurrency, modular structure and fault tolerance.

Elixir/Phoenix is recommended for event-driven web applications, as well as those with internal messaging, chat channels, etc. If you think of an app with high traffic spikes, fast growth, and don’t want to get bothered by lengthy maintenance, then you should give Elixir and Phoenix a try.

A stable technology for business

Elixir has been present in the development community for a decade. During this time, the language has reached maturity with numerous libraries, tools and a constantly growing community.

This is why it is no longer a nice technical novelty, but a battle-proven guarantee of business stability.

The next step for your app

Switching to Elixir and Phoenix from other technologies can help web applications that experience growth and want to keep the highest performance. As industry examples show, choosing both of them also reduces the server infrastructure required to handle the rising number of concurrent users. In the long run, betting on Elixir/Phoenix web development can be an investment that will save you millions.

Elixir/Phoenix. Chosen by the best

Functional programming languages like Elixir may not be as widespread as the more common object-oriented ones. On the other hand, its use by top companies of their respective industries, like Bleacher Report, PepsiCo, Discord, and Moz is the best validation of Elixir/Phoenix web development.

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