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Mobile-first: a new standard for business

‘Mobile first’ is no longer a trend. It’s a must. As majority of users view the Internet on their smartphones, tablets and other non-stationary devices, most business opportunities also happen there and it’s our role to monetize them.

Crossfit Copenhagen

How Crossfit Copenhagen app makes workouts more social

Web and mobile app for planning crossfit training sessions in Copenhagen

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Native and cross-platform mobile development

Our mobile development team will let you take advantage of iOS and Android platforms, either thanks to their respective languages and frameworks (Swift, Kotlin) or cross-platform programming when you seek a more cost-effective solution (React Native).

If, on the other hand, you don’t necessarily want to build a mobile app, we’ll do everything to make your business website mobile-friendly with optimized menus and responsive web design.

We are always on top of the newest trends in mobile app development and consider how they can satisfy your users, adding value to your business at the same time.

Connecting crossfitters with a single app

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