We are Prograils, a software consultancy that gives a damn.

As experts in web and mobile development, we are ready to change your business forever.

Our tools of the trade are Ruby on Rails, Elixir/Phoenix for the web, and Swift, Kotlin and React Native for iOS and Android.

Our advantage over others? The highest information security standards confirmed by ISO 27001 certification.

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What our clients say

I am very satisfied with the solution that Prograils have developed for me. During the development process, they were able to understand and challenge my business logic and design, and the final solution fully meets my expectations. The cooperation has been good and efficient and with very short response time. Even after completion of the project, Prograils have been very accommodating with help and support. Henrik Sørensen, BoardReport CEO & Founder

Qualitatively, we've been impressed with their performance. They're very responsive to us and implement our feedback very well. Chief Financial Officer, Strømberg & Sahl A/S (Construction Company)

In Elvium we have been using Prograils as our trusted software development partner for years. It gives us flexibility as we can add developers when we need them. Working with the development team is a joy and they really understand what we are trying to do - no wasted time due to misinterpretation of specifications. The system they built for us is rock solid and when we need help, Prograils are always there for us. Jesper Andersen - Elvium CEO

In short, I can say that Prograils is one of the best things that have happened to our company. They have a great culture and a gelled team. They are sharp, polite, punctual, transparent and proactive. This is why they match our way of working rather well.

I can’t recommend a partner like Prograils for work like this. I really didn’t feel like being on the clock, but that I was dealing with someone who wanted me to succeed prior to their ability to bill me. Mark Jensen, CEO at SAPU.dk

I would say there's a kind of ethical core to how Prograils do business, which I appreciate because that's how I do business: if I say I'm going to do something, I'll do it. Dan Wrightson, owner at Invitation to Tuscany

I'm very surprised by their English fluency and impressed with their willingness to find creative solutions. Prograils specializes in figuring out what a problem is and how it can be fixed. Christian Brauner - Founder & Managing Director at Servicelovers

What we do

Our services

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Startup or established business, you need to be served well. We know how to meet your needs by offering a full package of software services, fine-tuned to your project’s specifics.

With firm command of web & mobile development technologies, intelligent design, bulletproof QA & security standards, as well as Agile project management, we will build software that you and your users will love from first sight.

We craft awesomeness for:

Your trusted software development team

Prograils is a software development and IT consulting company. We deliver bespoke, perfectly crafted web and mobile apps for individual needs.

In other words? We rule at Ruby on Rails, Elixir/Phoenix, as well as mobile development for iOS and Android.

We’re big enough to offer you stability, just enough to be flexible and small enough to give you a personal touch.

So, what we can </code> for you?

Ruby on Rails and Elixir development

Custom Ruby on Rails development

Ruby on Rails made web development faster and affordable for more businesses than ever before. Yours included.

Rails is frequently used for prototypes, MVPs or evolving app concepts. But not only: RoR-powered companies like Airbnb or Basecamp speak for themselves.

Prograils has been building web applications with RoR since 2012 and we know all its secrets. Our software development team has worked for companies from industries including healthcare, education, tourism and e-commerce among others and helped them grow.


Despite being relatively new, Elixir language and its framework Phoenix are already the next big thing in web development.

Elixir is recommended especially for websites and applications with thousands of active users, chats or expected growth in the future.

Does it sound like your applications future?

Ruby on Rails and Elixir consulting

Every business can benefit from the services of a software development team. Ruby on Rails and Elixir/Phoenix as our main tech stack for web development make us able to adjust our offer to your project’s specifics and business goals.

Thinking about building an application? Need advice on technologies, scope and how many people should work on your project? Our team of developers, project managers and testers will answer your questions.

Mobile development

Mobile applications are no longer an extension of the web, but a necessity nowadays. With mobile developers at Prograils, you will develop apps for iOS and Android, and let customers find you with a single click!

Ruby on Rails and Elixir software house

We are a software house from Poznan, Poland with around 30 people on board. What makes us different from the rest is a personal business model, full transparency and high quality standards.

As Prograils, we are large enough to offer you stability, just enough to be flexible and small enough to give your project an individual edge.

We can prove our talents with real data: we have been recognized as top Ruby on Rails developers and a leading B2B service provider by Clutch. Also, websites like The Manifest and Visual objects rank us high.


Making SAPU.dk an earning SaaS website

An online service for landlords in Denmark

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