what we do

Coding equals versatility. What you need in terms of development is a reliable, functional team with proven experience. We build web and mobile solutions in a versatile, functional and secure way.

7 years of being in business and numerous satisfied clients stand ready to assure you of something very important: we know how to do everything IT. But what matters even more to us is seeing you benefit from our expertise. Your goals resonate with us – we are here to help you rise to success with style.

Your concept turned into a functional reality

You might have encountered developer stacks that were too numerous and lacking proper communication. Prograils is not a matter of numbers: our carefully handpicked team consists only of highly qualified Ruby and mobile developers.

If you are looking for a flexible, responsible and transparent team to make your project come to life, this is the right place. We have even crafted our own tool teamlens.io to achieve maximum efficiency and transparency when you collaborate with us.

For startups and early stage businesses

We know how tough beginnings can be. And you know how important the quality of your software is in the first steps of your business.
We can ensure that your software is properly coded, thoroughly functional and clean. If you need an MVP developed, we have a process template ready to go. Trust us and see your product come to fruition - as many of our clients already have.

For established companies looking to expand further

Scalability is the core of the business world. A successful venture is always looking forward to gradual expansion.
We know how frustrating of a process this could be. You need a reliable team that understands your custom preferences and your company's specifics. You want to achieve both your short-term and long-term goals in the most efficient way possible.
Our team is ready to help you and ensure an exquisite scalability that will provide your business with an even better competitive edge. No matter the size of your company, we can take care of all your development needs.

The Prograils Ethic

Our values have been revered by our numerous clients - startups and established businesses alike.
We strictly adhere to your deadlines because we understand just how important timing is. Even when working on short notice we retain our know-how at a highest level, devote our full attention to the project at hand and develop with maximum efficiency.
The Prograils team also keeps in mind that transparency matters a lot to you. In order for you to feel more comfortable and to safely monitor your project's progress, we have developed teamlens.io.
You can rest assured that you get the creme de la creme of development at an attractive price.

Convinced that we are your team? Contact us!

Oh, and by the way - we speak Danish, English and Polish.

how we do it

Your idea is unique and you deserve nothing less than a flawless development process. We stand ready to translate your concept from thoughts to reality. If you already have a mock-up, we will use it as a starting point and provide our expert advice. Whether you need a large, sophisticated website or are looking for a lean, intuitive one, we will work in line with your requirements and provide you with a polished and functional end product.

You have given us your specifics and it's time for some coding action. Our expert developers are nothing less than programming magicians. Their magic hat is the Ruby-On-Rails technology, and as for the magic wand – this is the Agile process we employ. The end goal is to present you with an outstanding result that is the foundation of your future success.

Innovation brings forth quality. We are always on the cutting-edge of technology, executing each project in a highly disciplined and iterative way. Your project will follow a strict schedule and rigorous testing due to our thorough Agile approach. Our methodology unites innovation with discipline – and the outcome is amazing.

You have the right to monitor your project at any time. Our way of working is very open. We will send you frequent reports of the development process. Due to us working remotely, we have an inventory of intuitive tools and methodologies to best keep you in the know. Never worry about being left out of the process – you are the creator, after all!

A great product can be ruined by bad code. Your concept is in safe hands with us because we love conducting extensive tests on our code. Every time a new chunk of code gets published, we examine it strictly. Additionally, we encourage you to do your own parallel testing and to give us your feedback to the development team.

We understand how business works. Tight deadlines, fast and quality deliveries and cutting-edge functionality is our second nature. As an entrepreneur, you want to be ahead of the competition and on par with your strict schedule. We will help you achieve that. The flexibility of Ruby-On-Rails paired up with the versatility of our team skyrockets you to maximum profit margins.

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