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what we do

We are good at IT. And by saying "IT" we mean software development.

With over 7 years of proven experience with building web and mobile solutions we can boldly say that we know how to do it. And frankly speaking – we love to do IT!

We deliver the biggest bang for your buck!

We are modest but strong and full of passion group of top-notch Ruby and mobile developers. This is our deliberate choice. We do not hire for numbers, but for skills, experience and quality. Because we know that this is the key to success.

We also bet on transparency in the development process. That is why we have crafted teamlens.io for us and our customers! Check it out!

If you are an early stage company or a startup and want to ensure that your software is well and efficiently built from the beginning, we can develop an MVP for you. We have a process template for that, which is ready to get executed right away - we have done that many times before.

If you race against time and your deadlines are under pressure, we are ready to help you with short notice.

If you want to scale up your development efforts, no matter the size of your company, we can provide a team that will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals - short term or long term.

Well-defined values allow us to keep and focus on our ‘know-how’ at the highest level. Our clients do not pay for discounts and bargain. They buy the best quality.

Oh, and by the way - we speak Danish, English and Polish.

how we do it

The development process starts with understanding your requirements. You might already have created a mock-up or even a complete graphical design augmented with textual description of the functionality. If you do not have one, we will help you with creating it. We build small and large sites, some having sophisticated functionality or graphics, other having lean “look and feel” based on industry leading graphical frameworks.

Our developers are programming magicians, the magic hat is the Ruby-On-Rails universe, and the magic wand is the agile process we impose on the projects. The core of our team is made of hardcore Ruby specialists who are working tightly with web developers and project managers in a highly coordinated fashion.

We are agile to the bone. We continuously innovate to stay on top of the technical evolution. At the same time we execute projects in a highly disciplined and iterative way following industry standard Agile methods and approaches. We have cracked the nut of two contradicting approaches of being innovative all the time and still being able to deliver a disciplined execution of projects to our customers.

We have created a system of frequent deliveries to allow our customers to stay on top of the development progress throughout the whole project. Because we work remotely most of the time, we use an array of tools and methods for remote communications and project management to stay close to our clients at any time.

We continously test our code. We run automated tests of our code every time a new chunk of code is getting published. We also encourage our customers to test frequently and to provide feedback to the development team. This way the systems we build are always in well-defined state leaving very little or no space for misunderstandings.

We are very business minded people. We understand the importance of fast and quality solid deliveries and what it means for business. Ruby-On-Rails is a very comprehensive, solid, stable and fast to develop in environment for creating world class web and mobile solutions. Everybody knows that. And combined with our team, it yields a power solution maker.

...and when we did it

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