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What we do

We are Ruby software house and we pride ourselves on building world class web and mobile solutions for small-to-medium sized companies in Denmark, Poland and beyond.

We are experts in outsourcing and we know how to run projects with geographically dispersed teams. Our development team is located nearshore in Poland, but our clients come predominantly from Scandinavia. The glue that holds the cooperation together is a well-defined project management method and an array of supporting tools that have proven effective throughout numerous successfully delivered projects.

Our main specialties are:

  • Ruby On Rails development and consulting
  • Mobile applications development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

If you are interested in cost effective outsourcing solution then don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We are always ready to discuss how we can enhance your existing web or mobile solution or build a totally new one. We have offices both in Denmark and in Poland, where we can setup a face to face meeting with a short notice. We speak Danish, English and Polish.

How we do it?

First, we collect your requirements

The development process starts with understanding your requirements. You might already have created a mock-up or even a complete graphical design augmented with textual description of the functionality. If you do not have one, we will help you with creating it. We build small and large sites, some having sophisticated functionality or graphics, other having lean “look and feel” based on industry leading graphical frameworks.

Then we do magic. Literally.

Our developers are programming magicians, the magic hat is the Ruby-On-Rails universe, and the magic stick is the agile process we impose on the projects. The core of our team is made of hardcore Ruby specialists who are working tightly with web developers and project managers in a highly coordinated fashion.

We iterate - we're agile

We are agile to the bone. We continuously innovate to stay on top of the technical evolution. At the same time we execute projects in a highly disciplined and iterative way following industry standard Agile methods and approaches. We have cracked the nut of two contradicting approaches of being innovative all the time and still being able to deliver a disciplined execution of projects to our customers.

We publish code often - so you're always on track

We have created a system of frequent deliveries to allow our customers to stay on top of the development progress throughout the whole project. Because we work remotely most of the time, we use an array of tools and methods for remote communications and project management to stay close to our clients at any time.

We test apps together

We continously test our code. We run automated tests of our code every time a new chunk of code is getting published. We also encourage our customers to test frequently and to provide feedback to the development team. This way the systems we build are always in well-defined state leaving very little or no space for misunderstandings.

Time to monetize

We are very business minded people. We understand the importance of fast and quality solid deliveries and what it means for business. Ruby-On-Rails is a very comprehensive, solid, stable and fast to develop in environment for creating world class web and mobile solutions. Everybody knows that. And combined with our team, it yields a power solution maker.

Our projects

We also do some open-source!

Who we are

We are a group of hard core Ruby specialists, web developers and mobile developers. We have fun writing great Ruby code, we are agile and we innovate constantly. At the same time we are able to deliver a disciplined execution of projects to our customers - this is basically the secret to our success: agility, innovation and discipline.

Find Us

Prograils ApS

Tornehøj 16

3520 Farum , Denmark

Grzegorz Ciepiel CEO/PM

+45 3155 6964


Prograils Sp. z o.o.

Sczanieckiej 9a/9

60-215 Poznań, Poland

Maciej Litwiniuk CTO

+48 608310149


KRS: 0000411254

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