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Hello, we are Prograils: Software Development and Consulting Company. We deliver bespoke, perfectly crafted web and mobile apps for individual needs.

In other words? The things we do best: Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Android and iOS.

We’re big enough to offer you stability, just enough to be flexible and small enough to give you a personal touch.

So, what we can </code> for you?

Our services

Ruby on Rails and Elixir development

Custom Ruby on Rails development

Ruby on Rails made web development faster and affordable for more businesses than ever before. Yours included.

Rails is frequently used for prototypes, MVPs or evolving app concepts. But not only: RoR-powered companies like Airbnb or Basecamp speak for themselves.

Prograils has been building web applications with RoR since 2012 and we know all its secrets. Our software development team has worked for companies from industries including healthcare, education, tourism and e-commerce among others and helped them grow.

Wanna join them? Let’s talk!

Custom Ruby on Rails development

Despite being relatively new, Elixir language and its framework Phoenix are already the next big thing in web development.

Elixir is recommended especially for websites and applications with thousands of active users, chats or expected growth in the future.

Does it sound like your applications future?

Talk to our Elixir/Phoenix team

Ruby on Rails and Elixir consulting

Every business can benefit from the services of a software development team. Ruby on Rails and Elixir/Phoenix as our main tech stack for web development make us able to adjust our offer to your project’s specifics and business goals.

Thinking about building an application? Need advice on technologies, scope and how many people should work on your project? Our team of developers, project managers and testers will answer your questions.

Consult us

Ruby on Rails and Elixir software house

We are a software house from Poznan, Poland with around 30 people on board. What makes us different from the rest is a personal business model, full transparency and high quality standards.

As Prograils, we are large enough to offer you stability, just enough to be flexible and small enough to give your project an individual edge.

We can prove our talents with real data: we have been recognized as top Ruby on Rails developers and a leading B2B service provider by Clutch. Also, websites like The Manifest and Visual objects rank us high.

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Our services

Business development you need

Custom software, applications and solutions for eCommerce? We have done it for years but are still stoked to work on new ones. Our clients include early stage businesses, startups and online companies. We are agile in managing our projects and like when you are closely involved.

Our skilled development team rules at web application technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Elixir, React and HTML5, as well as iOS and Android app development with tools including React Native and Swift. This is how we'll make your web & mobile app an experience one of a kind.

We craft awesomeness for

  • Education
  • eCommerce
  • HR
  • Sports
  • Publishing
  • Health
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment
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An online service for landlords in Denmark


Meet us

You have the idea but no idea how to make it a reality? Let’s talk about it over coffee or a lunch!

Meet us directly in Poznań, where we are based. We know the coolest places in the area, where we can get to know each other and discuss your business. Want to learn more about the way we do things at Prograils? Join an assessment workshop in our office. We will walk you through arranging an architecture and propose the best technical solutions. And, yes, it’s all on us. Suffice it, you spend your time and money to come over. A win-win situation.

Still, we can catch each other via Hangouts or Skype, if geography is a problem.

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