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Web development in Ruby on Rails

Web presence and user engagement is a must for any business nowadays. Ruby on Rails, which we have been using in our projects from day one, is a perfect tool to develop websites and web applications in a fast, secure and cost-effective manner.

The technology, which has been in use since 2004 has gathered a worldwide community, standing up to challenges of dynamic business landscape. Ruby on Rails is used by such popular services as Airbnb and Basecamp, so why should your business not benefit from it as well?

Who is Ruby on Rails for?

Ruby on Rails has been the main technology at Prograils since 2012. We have built solutions for diverse industries and addressed different needs. Rails proved effective in such different landscapes as: healthcare, e-commerce, recruitment, education, tourism, construction sector etc.

All sizes of businesses can benefit from Rails. We have successfully led some projects from an early minimum viable product phase to an enterprise-level with thousands of active users.

Prograils has been recognized by The Manifest as one of the Top Ruby on Rails Developers, based on our Clutch reviews.


Helping Physitrack gain more users

The patient and physiotherapist engagement platform available as both web and mobile app

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Elixir/Phoenix web development

Software projects with huge traffic and user count can choose web development with Elixir and its dedicated framework Phoenix, leveraging the Erlang Virtual Machine, battle-proven in telecom projects.

Why Elixir and Phoenix?

Elixir's strengths are: high concurrency, good scalability and fault tolerance, which made media and tech giants like Bleacher Report and Discord choose it for their systems.

In practice, betting on Elixir/Phoenix is recommended for online services that use chat channels, or the ones with expected rapid growth. The use of Elixir also reduces the server infrastructure.

As functional programming is still not so widespread as the more common object-oriented languages, we consider Elixir and Phoenix web development our secret weapon.

Tired of technology limitations of your web app? Try Elixir!

Check our latest product - it's based on our experience of managing over 50-people strong company. The tool we're missing as a small company and not an enterprise. is an employee and performance management software. It's an unique tool allowing everyone to be in the loop - by having up to date info about co-workers, time-off, benefits, assets, helping with one-on-ones, being a go-to place for company-wide announcements.

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