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Why does your app need quality assurance?

Good code is only a part of your application’s success. Bugs are an imminent byproduct of any software development cycle and need to be detected and fixed before the release.

This is where quality assurance kicks in with a rich suite of software testing types on different levels. QA is a set of activities focused on meeting the highest quality standards for building software, as well as satisfying users’ needs and finding potential bottlenecks of a system.

At Prograils, we leverage automated and manual tests to check different parameters of your web or mobile application such as performance within and beyond standard conditions, whereas regression tests help us always look at software as a whole and something more than just a sum of functionalities.

Check our latest product - it's based on our experience of managing over 50-people strong company. The tool we're missing as a small company and not an enterprise.

humadroid.io is an employee and performance management software. It's an unique tool allowing everyone to be in the loop - by having up to date info about co-workers, time-off, benefits, assets, helping with one-on-ones, being a go-to place for company-wide announcements.

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