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Making SAPU.dk an earning SaaS website

An online service for landlords in Denmark

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Free ebook app for iOS with TTS conversion

Free ebook reader for iOS devices with text to speech conversion. Let your ebook speak!

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Crossfit Copenhagen

How Crossfit Copenhagen app makes workouts more social

Web and mobile app for planning crossfit training sessions in Copenhagen

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Helping Physitrack gain more users

The patient and physiotherapist engagement platform available as both web and mobile app

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Yoga session booking mobile app

Book your yoga class via iPhone or computer

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Redesigning Elvium

Recruitment process the way it should be done in 21st century

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Chisa: From .xls files to a successful SaaS

We built a web and mobile data management tool from bare .xls files

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Invitation To

Booking system for villa rental business

Book estates in Tuscany and other picturescque parts of Europe online

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Building language fluency with Membean

E-learning platform that combines economics and psycholinguistics to enhance your English vocabulary knowledge

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Reinventing Servicelovers: from MVP to enterprise

Get customer feedback and make your business recognized thanks to one web application

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Field management web app for groundkeepers

Web-based maintenance tool for groundsmen and directors of golf fields

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Project management & progress monitoring tool

Our online tool that shows your team's daily progress

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User-friendly reporting tool for CEOs

User-friendly and fully functional reporting tool for CEOs

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Rails app translation for non-technicals

Translate your apps with pleasure and for free

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Connecting golfers with an iOS app

The golfers meeting app

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localized country_select

Plugin for localized country select fields

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Help with primary/default records

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Ruby wrapper for DIBS API

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The Main Medical Library

How we made the Main Medical Library more accessible

New website of the Main Medical Library

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Image Recognition Platform

Scan and have fun!

A scanning app for collectible cards

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Mac Baren

Improving Mac Baren's web presence

Tobacco Company's website

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A global marketplace for all kinds of goods

Traderspace is an e-commerce/marketplace platform that enables people to buy, sell or lend goods and services online

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