Picking your charging model

How to select a charging model for your project?

Have you already had an occasion to familiarize with transparency and values we follow (How we become truly transparent)?

Now, it's time to go on with the 'This is how we do it' topic and mention some words about our charging models. Ready, steady, go!

How to select a charging model for your project?

Basically, it all depends on the ideas you want to bring into the life with our help. First, we have to talk over your expectations of the final product, deeply familiarize with your business idea and understand your timeline and other constraints. We're not just a bunch of coding hands to hire which you can find elsewhere. We need to know "why" and we want you to think about us as experts and your business partners. Also, asking "why" often allows us to present you a more cost-effective solution.

You will most certainly want to know the answer to probably one the most crucial questions that have an influence on your future decisions about choosing the best fit dev shop. And the question is:

“Ok Guys, how much it's going to cost me to do this project?”

And here comes the time for money talking.

We suggest three options to consider:

  1. First option, which is beforehand settled, fixed price, concerns clients with a certain, well-defined idea. We are able to visualize the project as a whole, from A to Z and know how to divide it into smaller chunks. The total charge is paid in at least monthly instalments - it helps to maintain the clearance and transparency of every stage of the project. Since we’re talking about a fixed price, the cost will include some insurance for covering unpredicted complications that may occur during the project development.

  2. Another option considers projects that are not well specified to begin with and/or require a more Agile approach (i.e. by validating the idea while developing new features, etc.). Outlined tasks that are not precisely defined are being charged by an hourly rate. In this model price is merely a benchmark – it is difficult or even impossible to predict how long will it take to accomplish all your goals and how many development hours will be needed.

  3. Third method allows you to control how your project fits into your budget. It is a combination of the 1st and the 2nd option, where we're making agreements based on short sprints during which we focus on developing specific features. Finishing each sprint allows us not only to come into a mutual understanding if we keep on adding more options to the code or trying to reach the end, but also to estimate the amount of time required for completion of the project we’re working on.

A common rule in all models is that the code becomes the property of the customer immediately after each payment (monthly based as a general rule) is settled. Also, at any moment, the client has a right to resign and terminate with the mutual agreement.

No matter which option works best for you, we always guarantee you the biggest bang for the buck. You'll receive the highest value of the service and a fully professional approach to the business: we do not charge for Junior developers – our team consists of top-notch professionals who know how to code their best. In addition, we'll provide you with the essential QA free of charge – every chunk of code we write is being thoroughly tested at every stage of the creation process.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that a good portion of our Project Manager’s time is automatically committed to every project that requires developers for more than one month. His presence has a crucial influence on our project delivery strategy. The PM, on daily basis, manages project constraints like cost, time, scope, and quality. But his role doesn’t stop here. On top of his administrative duties, our PM will also work closely with you converting your ideas and requests to specifications devs can work on. He will be asking sensitive questions that require abstract thinking and help visualize and maintain a consistent picture of the target product - like a business partner or a CTO, which would probably be even better description.

In order to determine the most suitable pricing model for your software project and to make sure we are all on the same page, join our free software assessment workshops. You will learn about our project management, set the project's scope and timeline, and simply get to know if you are about to outsource the right dev shop. Read more about our free assessment workshops in the new article on our blog!

We're working intensively to satisfy your needs. Interested? Or maybe tempted? Take your time and find out what can we do for you.

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