Recently, - a DC based analyst company, published a survey on how small businesses are adopting the digital marketing. The main purpose of the survey was to check the digital marketing awareness among small businesses and their presence in the on-line world.

As the core of our software house business is to create websites and mobile applications, we found the survey highly interesting: study reveals that small businesses need to improve their web presence.

Let us mention some of the facts:

Small business - web presence:

The results came up with the conclusion that more than a quarter (26%) of small businesses do not have a website:

10% of them claim that they're "unlikely" to have one in the near future, whereas 9% is thinking about building a website.

Small business web presence 2015

Small business - mobile presence:

Among the 74% of small businesses that claim to have a website only 56% have a mobile-friendly design.

In the group of 31% respondents with a not user-friendly mobile websites, 17% are interested in making their website responsive whereas 10% said that they're "unlikely" to want one.

Small business mobile presence 2015

Small business - website vs. mobile app:

In the group of 74% small businesses with a website, only 15% have a mobile application.

Among businesses that do not have a mobile app, 18% is planning to create one in the future, whereas 40% is not interested in creating it at all.

Small business web vs mobile 2015


The survey clearly shows that a fair amount of small business still doesn't take advantage of the digital marketing and the possibilities connected with the web presence. Having a website in the digital era, in most cases, significantly influences business prosperity. On the other hand, customers also loose profits because they miss the opportunity of reaching services they need. Lack of information badly affects business operations, both for service providers and for final beneficiary. This is why small businesses should focus their efforts on the digital marketing in order to improve their web presence.

Small business - about the research:

Above short summary of the small business web presence is based on the study released at the end of the March, 2015. Its main idea is to analyze if the small business is adapting to the digital marketing realm. said that their survey is based on the data collected from 354 small business owners or managers distributed all over the United States. Also, they inform that the largest respondent group is made up of companies with less than 10 employees and less than $1 million dollar revenue.

Credits: this post was inspired by the article published and written by Amanda Soderlund, 15 April 2015.

For more information and data, here you can find the direct link: Small Business and the Web: 2015 Digital Marketing Survey

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