Tech events in 2019 you don't want to miss

Open your calendars and save the dates! Here is our guide to the most interesting tech events in 2019.

1 - CES 2019, January 8-11, Las Vegas

CES has been a proving ground for innovation for the last 50 (!) years. After having attracted more than 4,400 exhibiting companies and 182,000 industry professionals to the last edition, the one scheduled for the coming January boasts on offering "groundbreaking answers to all the questions you can imagine". True or not, the topics of CES2019 include: AI integration with today's workforce, AI use cases: health, mobility and cybersecurity, telehealth and Uberization of health care as well as the future of TV.

2 - Tomorrow's Tech Leaders 2019, January 30, London

Technology's biggest career fair for women. Over the years, it has grown a reputation of a great opportunity for women to connect with the tech industry and beyond. Free attendance.

3 - Mobile Growth Summit, February 13-14 San Francisco

World's biggest event dedicated to growth and an opportunity to learn about user acquisition, monetization, retention/engagement as well as data science and analytics. The 2019 edition hosts over 1000 companies and 100 speakers, including Catherine Cook Connelly from The Meet Group and Andreas Gross from Reddit.

Mobile Growth Summit's agenda features four tracks in 2019: Mobile Growth & Marketing, Emerging Markets & Tech, Mobile Gaming and Actionable Workshops.

4 - MWC, February 25-28, Barcelona

Known as the largest mobile event in the world, which hosts the latest innovations, MWC is a highly-rated conference programme exploring the hottest topics of the mobile industry. The MWC agenda also consists of numerous learning opportunities, GSM Association-led seminars, summits and more.

5 - CloudFest, March 23-29, Rust (Germany)

CloudFest is a networking and deal-making event for cloud-industry entrepreneurs. Located in Europa-Park in Rust (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), it accompanies its main events with local concerts, local food and, of course, German beer. The theme of the upcoming conference is: "Hyperscalers in Hyperdrive". Circa 7,000 business professionals are expected.

6 - EGX Rezzed 2019, April 4-6, London

Hundreds of screens from PC and console games weeks or even months before they are released. Game sector career fair. Meet and do business events. The developer sessions and portfolio reviews. All these features make EGX Rezzed an event one of a kind for all the gaming enthusiasts and those who consider the games industry a possible professional path.

Elixir Conf 2019, April 8-10, Prague

Last year, the biggest Elixir conference in Europe was held in Warsaw. This April, Elixir Conf is taking place in another great capital of our region - Prague. If you are both a tourist and an Elixir enthusiast, the opportunity to visit this event is especially tempting. Imagine getting the fresh, first-hand knowledge from this language's experts and spending afternoons strolling through Hradcany, experiencing breathtaking views at Charles Bridge or enjoying local cuisine and beer. Keynote speakers include Elixir's creator José Valim as well as Chris McCord, who built its framework Phoenix. Two days packed with speeches and the last one dedicated to training. Elixir Conf's team describes the event as "made by developers for developers". While it may not be the most original summary, a quick look at the event's schedule confirms that this one will be highly informative.

7 - Ruby Kaigi 2019, April 19-20, Fukuoka (Japan)

An annual conference about devoted to Ruby. Rubyists from all over the world will meet in Fukuoka in Japan to share their experiences and spread new ideas. As one of our developers wrote in his review of Ruby Kaigi 2018, contrary to most technical conferences, this one was fully focused on technical topics. In times when many of today's tech events are trying to sell you something, this one is clearly devoid of sales and coach speeches. Pure knowledge and information.

8 - infoShare, May 8-9, Gdańsk (Poland)

The biggest tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe. Two days full of practical content and expert data presented by major players of the tech industry. Numerous side events, over 500 promising startup owners and endless opportunities of networking. infoShare is definitely a place to be if you want to be up-to-date with the latest trends in tech. Call for speakers until February 28th! Check our review of infoShare 2018.

9 - Open Source Data Center Conference, May 14-15, Berlin

Trend-setting concepts, discussions, technical know-how and networking within the open source community. As the organizers put it, the event's objective is an outlook on future-oriented developments, new perspectives, outlining innovative approaches etc. Open Source Data Center Conference is now calling for papers. You can submit your presentation until the end of January 2019.

10 - SaaStock 2019, October 14-16, Dublin

Over 250 exhibitors from all around the globe are expected at the next edition of SaaStock in Dublin. Three October days are going to host over 4,000 attendees who will have the opportunity to listen to speakers representing top tech companies telling their stories. The 2018 edition's topics featured inter alia: make or break moments in early-stage funding, what actually defines great teams and the relevance of customer experience in product development. Besides the speeches, the SaasCity bootcamp, SaaStock Startup program and the pitching competition are a part of the deal, too. SaaStock is one of the events we annually pay visit to.

11 - Web Summit, November 4-7, Lisbon

The next edition of "Glastonbury for geeks" is already announced. Like the previous couple of editions, it will take place in Lisbon (Portugal).

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