By participating in the wroclove.rb 2014 conference, we have fulfilled rumbling hunger not only for expertise, but also for new ideas, brighter perspectives and various points of view. Entirely.

And the very best feeling about the Silesian creative ruby fuss is that Prograils prides itself on being one of the official supporters of the conference.

Hip hip – hooray for us!

From this point, we'd like to say thanks to the Organizers, other Supporters, Partners, Speakers and everyone involved in this year's edition. You've made outstanding piece of work. Cheers folks! See y'all next year!

As the life goes by, after each inspiring event there comes the time to settle down, sit on the porch in the sunset light, with the favorite beverage on the rocks and think about lessons learned. So did we. According to our pre-conference spirit:

“Why you should join wroclove.rb? That's the wrong question! You'd better ask yourself – how long will you regret not participating in it at all!”

We cross-examined every Prograils team member who has participated in the wroclove.rb 2014 conference asking about reflections, remarks and general feelings about our famous motto. And they owned up and came clean about everything! Wonder closing speech? Stay in touch!

More news at: wroc_love.rb 2014 summary - pt2

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