How much does it cost to make a website? How much do you charge for developing mobile app?

Didn’t we just say that we believe in transparency in the development process?

So, why not also make our developer rates transparent? We believe there is nothing to hide and you will know the price anyway. Having a baseline to work with is always a good idea - you might find it easier to make the first move and engage in a discussion with us.

Now, how much does a website cost?

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Our hourly rate is

VAT will not be taken under consideration. Does not regard Polish clients or Europeans, who are not registered as EU-VAT payers.

This rate is valid for engagements requiring at least 80 development hours in a month.

We can use fixed pricing model if both parties agree.

To make it even more tempting: we're offering a free 40 hour “test drive” in a form of a little task that we will solve for you. It creates the best opportunity to meet each other and check if we'll fulfill your requirements. If you'll decide not to cooperate with us after the test, there is no charge. The risk is on our side and we're not afraid to take a chance.

In fact, we're quite sure we're going to satisfy your expectations.

As we don't want to complicate the pricing model too much, this rate is the same for all our developers and designers. Standard Project Management and internal Quality Assurance are included in these rates. Unless there is a need for a substantial Project Management effort, we will not charge for it.

We do not charge for Junior developers. Sometimes we assign them to projects because they need hands-on training to become fully proficient web developers. But we want to keep them at bay until they fully understand our internal coding standards with work style and reach adequate productivity level. In every case all work is always quality checked.

We have also special programs designed for post-development, maintenance or ad-hoc engagements that do not require many development hours.


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