The toughest spot in doing business? No more.

Our approach towards money is plain and simple. One rate for projects, the one to rule them all.
We charge 50 EUR per hour of our developers’ work.

To make it even more tempting, we offer you a 40 hour test drive. This is how it goes: we solve a little task for you, you decide whether it meets your expectations. If yes, then we make a deal. If not, there is no charge. We are not afraid of the risk, but we are pretty sure that we are going to impress you anyway.

A net price valid for projects which will take us at least 80 hours a month. VAT will not be taken under consideration. Does not regard Polish clients or Europeans, who are not registered as EU-VAT payers. Standard project management and internal quality assurance - you’ve got it. If the task demands substantial project management, we will alarm you. No charge for the junior development work. If they are assigned for a task, it is for hands-on training and for them to fully understand our work style.

We also have our own programs for post-development, maintenance or ad-hoc engagements. They are not time-consuming.