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This is hourly rate for outsourcing a software developer's work

The price includes standard project management and internal quality assurance.

Excluding customers not registered as EU-VAT payers. The project has to take us at least 80 hours a month, though.

Looking for post-development, maintenance or ad hoc engagements for your app? Drop us a line, we will show you the good options.

How we charge

Our pricing models

Fixed price

  • You have an A-to-Z vision of your application
  • Stable price, no matter how long the project lasts
  • Project management & QA included
  • Billed at the end of every month
  • Code ownership after payment

Time & Materials

  • Start with an MVP, add features over time
  • Flexibility in terms of costs and time
  • Monthly payments based on work reports from Teamlens
  • Project management & QA included
  • Perfect for long-term projects

Mixed price

  • Control if development is on budget
  • Part of features estimated within a closed scope
  • The rest is developed in T&M model
  • PM & QA included

Want details? Learn more about software pricing models!

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Take a free test drive with us. In 40 hours, we solve a little task for you. Satisfied? Then we make a deal. If not, we charge nothing. The risk is on our side, but we are pretty sure that we are going to impress you and will deliver you successful software.

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