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How Crossfit Copenhagen app makes workouts more social

Web and mobile app for planning crossfit training sessions in Copenhagen


Brand new content management system together with accompanying mobile applications (Android, iOS)


Rails, Swift, Java

The Challenge Crossfit Copenhagen offers over 20+ gyms for workout enthusiasts in major Danish cities. We have built the network’s website and mobile app thanks to which they can check the availability of crossfit studios and coaches, book exercises and, most recently, build a digital community of users. We have been working on Crossfit Copenhagen’s website and mobile app since 2014. Thanks to an advanced filtering functionality, the users of the CfC mobile app are able to sort their trainings by coach name, location and other criteria. The mobile app, which we built with Swift enabled them to add exercises to calendar on their device and share activities on their activity stream. With the rise of the user count, the app owners started to wonder how to make Crossfit Copenhagen even more social.

The Solution The new release of Crossfit Copenhagen fosters interactions between sports enthusiasts even more. By leveraging elements of gamification, we have programmed the app’s new functionalities: friends and badges. Users now can form their own social circles by adding fellow athletes to friends. They can see and like their friends’ activities by scrolling down their activity stream. They can invite each other to trainings, which makes the experience even more interactive. Right from the very first visit at a CfC studio, users receive badges for the progress they made along subsequent trainings. Collecting them may encourage them to further training and setting new goals.

The Outcome With its new features, Crossfit Copenhagen makes the gym experience even more social for visitors. The mobile app may play a vital role in building a strong community and inspire people to spend their exercise time in the best possible way.

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