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Making job recruitment more intuitive and up to modern standards was the idea of Elvium’s creators. With their detailed and firm vision, we were able to deliver a complete Ruby on Rails-based solution that reduces administration, handles applicants’ onboarding professionally, while remaining compliant with the GDPR.

Client: Elvium
Scope: Maintenance, bug elimination, development of features, integration with external systems
Technologies: Back end: Ruby on Rails, Elasticsearch, Sidekiq, Redis; Front end: HAML, SCSS, jQuery + CoffeeScript

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Throughout the process, we strictly adhered to Elvium's guidelines and collaborated tightly with the recruitment platform's creators. The result is a smart and sophisticated platform for all devices that makes the recruitment process a breeze. With Elvium, you can easily apply for a job via Facebook or LinkedIn.

We continue to be Elvium's dedicated development partner and are currently in charge of both system maintenance and administration.

In Elvium we have been using Prograils as our trusted Software Development partner for years. It gives us flexibility as we can add developers when we need them. Working with the development team is a joy and they really understand what we are trying to do - no wasted time due to misinterpretation of specifications. The system they built for us is rock solid and when we need help, Prograils are always there for us.

Jesper Andersen - Elvium CEO

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