Redesigning Elvium

Recruitment process the way it should be done in 21st century


Maintenance, bug elimination, development of features, integration with external systems


Back end: Ruby on Rails, Elasticsearch, Sidekiq, Redis; Front end: HAML, SCSS, jQuery + CoffeeScript

About Elvium Elvium is a web-based HRMS (Human Resources Management Software), sparing Danish companies paperwork and bureaucracy in recruitment processes. Prograils have been creating it since 2012. Recently, we have redesigned Elvium and enhanced it with a handful of new functionalities.

The solution In 2019, Elvium obtained a new design. We exported the application to Bootstrap 4. Each company using it can build its own career pages with widgets, as well as add its corporate identity to automatic messages sent to candidates. The most recent phase of development brought an array of new features: custom email templates, a reworked calendar and list of applications, manual choice of job interview slots, and contract modules. The latter addition takes the entire system a step further. Integrated with external signing providers, contract modules enable companies to prepare and sign agreements with the hired candidates.

The outcome Over the years, Elvium has made recruitment easier for many organizations, taking the burden of sending e-mails and notifications off them. With new features and customization options, the web-based app lets employers focus on hiring the best talent with no distractions.

What our client says

In Elvium we have been using Prograils as our trusted software development partner for years. It gives us flexibility as we can add developers when we need them. Working with the development team is a joy and they really understand what we are trying to do - no wasted time due to misinterpretation of specifications. The system they built for us is rock solid and when we need help, Prograils are always there for us.

Jesper Andersen - Elvium CEO

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