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The web app Servicelovers is a perfect way to make your business recognized by customers, colleagues and present/future bosses. It also lets you attract new opportunities through authentic word of mouth.

Client: Servicelovers
Scope: App development, maintenance and adding new functionalities
Technologies: Rails, Sidekiq, Elasticsearch, Redis

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The way it works is pretty simple: you download the app and launch your own servicehero profile. Each recommendation you receive is added to your profile and Servicelovers certificate. Servicelovers not only helps in getting recognized, but is also a perfect tool to receive feedback from customers and keep your relationships strong.

We stepped in to develop the already existing idea of the product, boost its performance and add further improvements. These goals were achieved by thorough code analysis and refactoring. We built two native cross-platform apps for iOS and Android from scratch.

I'm very surprised by their English fluency and impressed with their willingness to find creative solutions. Prograils specializes in figuring out what a problem is and how it can be fixed.

Christian Brauner - Founder & Managing Director at Servicelovers

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