Reinventing Servicelovers: from MVP to enterprise

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App development, maintenance and adding new functionalities


Rails, Sidekiq, Elasticsearch, Redis

The Challenge Servicelovers is a Danish platform for customer service employees, where they gather feedback on their work, share ratings and prove their skills. A LinkedIn for service workers, as its creator Christian Brauner once called it. Started in 2015 as a mobile app, Servicelovers needed a pivot shortly after launching its testing phase at a leading telecom company in Denmark. After brainstorming ideas, the new MVP was born which made the rating process easier for customers thanks to the use of standalone tablets placed in stores, hotels and other service points.

The Solution We have taken over the project and rebuilt it in accordance with the new Servicelovers concept. Using Rails, we have created a new API (application programming interface) that lets the platform communicate with the tablets. Servicelovers also needed a new, functional management dashboard with diagrams showing insights on service ratings.

The Outcome With the efficiency of Ruby on Rails, it took us only a few weeks to build the first versions of the management dashboard, the tablet app and its API. Taking over the project back in the day, we were making a deal with a promising startup. Nowadays, you can see the Servicelovers tablets at stores like IKEA, Jack & Jones, as well as hotels and restaurant across the entire Denmark. Every month, they collect between 70,000 and 80,000 ratings, empowering customer service all over the country and giving companies invaluable knowledge about it.

What our client says

I'm very surprised by their English fluency and impressed with their willingness to find creative solutions. Prograils specializes in figuring out what a problem is and how it can be fixed.

Christian Brauner - Founder & Managing Director at Servicelovers

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