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Creating your own SaaS Rails application - where to begin? What to use?

Do you know what fat cats like twitter (in its early days), yellow pages, basecamp, hulu, shopify, slideshare or github have in common?

They’re all , along with more than other 800.000 existing websites, running Ruby on Rails.

How about staying behind such tech success by yourself?

We’d like to share with you that Prograils launches a series of free tutorials for all of you who want to get going and make powerful Software as a Service application in a full-stack, easy-to-approach Rails framework. Neat, huh?

Whether you’re a fresh Rails ninja-wannabe, experienced Ruby Geek or a veteran multitask coder - feel welcomed! Take a look at our free online tutorial, find out that terms like Ruby, Rails or Saas don’t bite or compare your point of view with our solutions.

Take it easy, coding is fun!

Ready to rock Rails?

This course is divided into several parts, each episode provides a great portion of Ruby knowledge. Learn Ruby on Rails, the world of software development hungers for skilled RoR web developers! Click down below to begin!

1 - The First Episode. Hello World, bootstrap your first app.

What is all the fuss about?

Add this site to your favorites: Prograils , experienced Ruby on Rails software house, presents a series of handy guide tech articles about creating your own SaaS application (we’re traditional - it’s going to be to-do app with some sugar) using Ruby on Rails. Step by step, from A to Z. Along with the intelligible character and essential knowledge you can also expect a bunch of helpful tips from easy-going (and funny?) guys. Our cyclical guidebooks guarantee skilled mentors, know-how expertise, relevant experience, sense of humor (or at least common sense) and easy-to-go approach. What more to expect?

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