Ruby Methods: differences between load, require, include and extend in Ruby.

11.04.2016 | Bartosz Kaczor

Small programs usually can be stored in one file so it won’t be a problem to read (and understand) them. Things start to complicate as your code grows: one day you may lose yourself in your own chaos and find it hard to organize your application. At this point, the best idea is to split your code (as a whole) into several files. To do that you need some helpful tricks that will let you use those files together. That's where the Ruby Methods come in.

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Loops in Ruby - all possible approaches

13.10.2015 | Rafał Mularski

Ruby comes with many statements and methods designed for looping. This amount can astonish both fledgling coders and developers experienced in other programming languages. In this post you'll be introduced to all ways of creating a loop in Ruby.

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Best Free Stock Photos for your startup.

10.09.2015 | Marta Wojciechowicz

Official stock banks offer photos protected by copyright. What does it mean? According to the law, you should pay to use them. And it’s not cheap. Why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free?

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Prograils was recognized as a Leading Top Software and Web Development Firm in Poland

24.08.2015 | Marta Wojciechowicz

It’s official now: Prograils was recognized as a Leading Top Software and Web Development Firm in Poland!

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Best collaboration and project management tools for small and medium teams.

6.08.2015 | Marta Wojciechowicz

There are many recommended project management tools out there. They tempt to be the best solutions for your team to work better, together. No matter if you type/code/click from home, office or a coffee shop with a good Wi-Fi and great coffee. They all sound great, but what about tools that actually WORK?

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Ruby Gem Guide: how to install and work with local gems.

24.06.2015 | Marta Wojciechowicz

New to Ruby? This Ruby Gem Guide will show you how to install and work with our favourite local gems.

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Prograils Recognized As Top Contender In Ruby on Rails Development Research

17.06.2015 | Marta Wojciechowicz

We are pleased to announce that Prograils was recently handpicked as a top contending Ruby on Rails development house.

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Small businesses need to improve their web presence.

26.05.2015 | Marta Wojciechowicz

Clutch 2015 Digital Marketing Survey: small businesses need to improve their web presence. Over 25% of Small Businesses do not have a website.

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Best Ruby resources worth following.

4.05.2015 | Marta Wojciechowicz

Offline over the weekend? Computer turned off for a while? Temporary no Internet access? Grab a coffee and enjoy: Ruby press review - list of essential Ruby top stories we're following to stay up to date.

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Charge your batteries! SaaS in Rails tutorials are about to begin.

30.04.2015 | Marta Wojciechowicz

But who'd like to learn during the weekend... Relax, chill, rest a little. And brace yourself! Rails Tutorial is coming!

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Creating your own SaaS Rails application: where to begin? what to use?

24.03.2015 | Marta Wojciechowicz

Do you know what fat cats like twitter (in its early days), yellow pages, basecamp, hulu, shopify, slideshare or github have in common? They’re all, along with more than other 800.000 existing websites running Ruby on Rails. How about staying behind such tech success by yourself?

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Why do we do Open Source?

23.02.2015 | Marta Wojciechowicz

As we make our living from using open source projects we feel that we owe something to the community, that we need to pay back our own contribution. To create the greater good that everyone may benefit from. Yeah, we’ve all heard that before, right? ;-) But besides paying a debt of gratitude, are there other reasons for opensourcing our own code? What exactly makes us do the open source?

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How to carry out projects for non-technical founders?

13.02.2015 | Marta Wojciechowicz

You have one of the greatest ideas of your own software business, but you don’t have a technical background, huh? You don’t have to become a developer at a straight moment. It just doesn’t make sense. Instead of focusing efforts on developing your project you’ll end up swamped with poor, lonely fragments of code that simply won’t work.

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SAP Hana Rails App with SAP Authorization system

3.02.2015 | Jędrzej Wiśniewski

If you have a Rails application running on the SAP Hana platform the issue you may encounter is how to allow users to login with their SAP account. We’ve managed to accomplish it and we would like to share with you a small tutorial about how we did that.

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