10 hints to make your landing page great

3.07.2018 | Cyprian Łakomy

Ever wondered why some products do better on the Internet than others? Landing pages may be one of the keys to success. While a well-designed one raises the chances of achieving a greater conversion, a bad one may bury your sales. Here we have listed some essential stuff that will make your page meet its purpose.

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Once again, we deliver. Prograils among leading B2B service providers on Clutch

27.06.2018 | Cyprian Łakomy

As yet another proof that we are really nailing it, Prograils were listed among the leaders of B2B service providers in the most recent report by Clutch.

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Three ways of iterating over tree-like ActiveRecord structures

21.06.2018 | Szymon Soppa

You are building an e-commerce app and at some point you introduce a Category model as a part of Product data. A Category can have various subcategories, which are represented by the same model. At this point, it's obvious we are dealing with a tree-like data structure. Step by step, I'll introduce three ways of iteration over such a structure and compare their performance.

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Unlucky Article 13. Why the EU copyright directive threatens the Internet as we know it

18.06.2018 | Cyprian Łakomy

On Wednesday (June 20), the European Parliament will vote on the new Copyright Directive proposal. Whereas it has been agreed that the legal framework in force calls for a reform, Article 13 of the Directive may heavily impact the fundamental principles of the Internet as well as constitute a threat to the future of software development.

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Starting with Rails - how to set up a development environment

7.06.2018 | Marta Wojciechowicz

Take your very first steps with Ruby! This tutorial will show you how to set up an environment for future development in Ruby on Rails.

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After infoShare 2018: How I survived my first tech conference

1.06.2018 | Cyprian Łakomy

Before one joins the IT community, tech conferences may appear like a distant and unknown land. Once you are already in and there, it becomes pretty clear that they don't bite. Back from infoShare 2018, here is my review.

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Looking for a good software house? Here’s how to find one

24.05.2018 | Cyprian Łakomy

So you have an outstanding idea for a web/mobile application? Making sure that your concept is in good hands and will be properly forged into the flawless product is a logical concern. How to tell a reliable software house from the one which teases you with mere advertising? Here are a few tips.

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The GDPR - how it will affect the way you develop?

14.05.2018 | Marcin Pakuła

As you may know, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes enforceable on 25th of May. What does it mean for you, your company, your web app?

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Simple AppleScript app for clean Xcode

10.05.2018 | Michał Majchrzycki

Clean temporary and unwanted files from Xcode with your own AppleScript app.

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How to make a reusable Activity Indicator with Swift

18.04.2018 | Michał Majchrzycki

Spinners let people know that your app isn't frozen while loading content. Check out how to make one that can be used on many views and storyboards.

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Rails 5.2 and Active Storage - the new approach to file uploads

13.04.2018 | Robert Kaczmarek

Rails 5.2 and Active Storage - attach files, the modern way.

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Capistrano deploy to ubuntu with systemd, nginx/puma and rbenv

27.03.2018 | Maciej Litwiniuk

This tutorial will show you how to deploy a Rails app via Capistrano, run it with Puma, restart it without sudo access and be able to host multiple environments and apps on same server

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Playbook for how to run a software development house

1.03.2018 | Marta Wojciechowicz

Let us take you for a ride. Meet our Playbook!

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8 reasons why people leave your website

27.11.2017 | Marta Wojciechowicz

Wonder why visitors leave your website in several seconds without engaging or responding to your CTA? There are several aspects that decide if people are willing to continue the journey on your www or click ‘back’ shortly after entering it.

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