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Love them or hate them but regular expressions are a huge part of any programming language. In Elixir, regex is based on Perl Compatible Regular Expressions. You can create a regular expression with the following sigil:

  • regexp - regular expression

  • opts - regular expression options


List of available regexp options:

  • unicode (u) - enables Unicode specific patterns like \p and change modifiers like \w, \W, \s and friends to also match on Unicode. It expects valid Unicode strings to be given on match

  • caseless (i) - adds case insensitivity

  • dotall (s) - causes dot to match newlines and also set newline to anycrlf; the new line setting can be overridden by setting (*CR) or (*LF) or (*CRLF) or (*ANY) according to re documentation

  • multiline (m) - causes ^ and $ to mark the beginning and end of each line; use \A and \z to match the end or beginning of the string

  • extended (x) - whitespace characters are ignored except when escaped and allow # to delimit comments

  • firstline (f) - forces the unanchored pattern to match before or at the first newline, though the matched text may continue over the newline

  • ungreedy (U) - inverts the “greediness” of the regexp (the previous r option is deprecated in favor of U)

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