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written by Maciej Litwiniuk on 24.06.14 in Our projects
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Lit stands for “Lost in translation” and it describes mountable Rails engine that helps you and your client with translating Rails applications.

As most of our work is made for foreign clients, we know the pain of translating few thousand phrases. You can use YAML files and forward them to the client. Good luck with that: it only confuses people.

That's why we've started looking for an easier way - web interface for managing I18n translations. Of course – there was Copycopter (now open-sourced) and there are one or two commercial apps that you can use, but they did not meet our needs:

First – we wanted something that is free
Second – it’s always fun to create a new lib and see people using it

As we make our living from using open source projects we need to pay back - Lit may be small but we believe it will be useful for some of you out there.

Currently we’ve implemented more crucial features that are absolutely required in a regular usage:

  • WYSIWYG editor (currently jQueryTE)
  • all translations are versioned – check and compare previous versions, synchronize translations across environments or even apps, thanks to build in API
  • as it’s an engine, installation is a no-brainer :)
  • array support is built in so translating i.e. names of months will not be a problem any more
  • once you'll be done with all translations you can export all phrases to plain good old yaml file and turn off the engine

If you'd like to support us - wait no more, help and improve the tool we could all use!
Fork Lit on GitHub

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