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Tech events in Poznań you need to visit in 2019

From small room meetups to big conferences hosting hundreds of visitors, entrepreneurs and tech industry enthusiasts. The list of 2019 tech events in Poznań is growing. We chose these worth your immediate attention.

Spring seems to be in full swing and numerous ways to leave your desks and get hold of what's brewing inside the tech industry appear. Ever been in Poznań? Let me tell you why this city in Western Poland is a noteworthy destination for your business.

Poznań. A promised land for new technologies

In the "EMEA Tech Cities. Opportunies in Technology Hotspots" report by CBRE, Poznań, the capital of the Greater Poland region, and the home of Prograils has been listed as one of the most technologically advanced cities in Europe. Over the last decade, the city has experienced a double digit growth in high-tech employment and the trend is expected to continue in the next five years.

The Greater Poland area has been a market with over 12,000 ICT firms, half of which are based in Poznań, as the "Investment potential of the IT sector in Poznan" report states. Nearly 92 per cent of all these companies are software houses, offering programming services, consulting, data processing and website management. In case you are wondering if outsourcing software work is a solution to your business needs, read this article.

The city itself is a home to several universities offering high education on information technology. Student of these faculties can specialize in such branches as programming, mobile software development, e-commerce, gaming, Internet of Things and more.

No wonder that Poznań offers a rich array of tech events: conferences, summits and workshops dedicated to various topics related to the industry's trends, issues and challenges. We have combed through the current offer a little bit for you and this is the list we've ended up with.

1. Ecommerce Sales Booster, 10th April

Want to know how to get your webstore to the next level? Ecommerce Sales Booster will provide you with relevant answers about how to succeed in the thriving world of Ecommerce. A free event full of advice on how to promote and optimize your online business for more conversions. Topics include the 'organic-first' approach in positioning the biggest webstores, moving your sales from different marketplaces to your own store and preparing a mobile version of your shop.

Where: Business Link Poznań Maraton, Królowej Jadwigi Street 43 (about 10 minutes by walk from the Poznań Main Railway Station and 10 minutes away from the Old Market Square)

2. Poznań Women in Data Science, 13th April

A regional event coinciding with the Global Women in Data Science Conference held at Stanford University. The conference held in Poznań is an independent event celebrating 'outstanding women doing outstanding work' in the tech industry. WIDS' aim is to inspire women in the field, by offering them the latest research and applications of data science in various domains. Let alone the networking opportunities.

This one day at the Poznań University of Technology will be rich in speeches on such topics as deep understanding text-based models and data analysis in neuroimaging inter alia.

The free registration process is still open at the event's website.

Where: Poznan University of Technology, Piotrowo Street 2

3. Startup Poznań 2019, 8th May

After three years, Poznań's flagship event dedicated to new technologies and innovative business returns to the premises of Poznań International Fair.

The theme of the 5th edition of Startup Poznań is "The future is now". No matter how lofty it may sound, the event offers a number of speeches, presentations and discussion panels that will showcase the startup scene of the Poznań area.

This year's theme is reflected in the topics such as artificial intelligence in business, the way AR/VR are going to change lives of people as well as legal aspects of AI.

Poznań Startup 2019 is entirely free of charge, but you have to register to get a free ticket.

Where: Poznań International Fair, Głogowska Street 14

4. Kariera IT, 25th May

The local career fair for those who seek IT jobs in the region of Greater Poland. Apart from exposition space, the attendees will have an opportunity to learn the industry's trends, best practices and forecasts.

Kariera IT is highly recommended for programmers, testers, data analysts, consultants and students about to finish their higher education.

Admission free of charge.

Call for papers pending. If you want to share knowledge and experience, you should get in touch.

Where: Andersia Hotel, Andersa Square 3 (10 minutes away from the Old Market Square)

5. Don't forget about Rails Girls Poznań. 2k19 edition in progress

Rails Girls' idea dates back to 2010. The first event took place in Helsinki. Its mission was to make programming knowledge and skills more accessible to women as well as to enable them to professionally develop in the IT sector.

Since 2013, Poznań has been part of the global movement Rails Girls have become. The free workshop usually takes place in the third quarter of the year at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Adam Mickiewicz University. It is a great opportunity for women to enter the world of Ruby on Rails and programming.

Prograils are proud to support the event. This year's edition is in works. You should visit its website every now and then to get the most up-to-date information!

How about meeting Prograils by the way of visiting these events?

Hope this short guide will let you consider Poznań as an interesting spot for new technologies and business in this part of Europe. Curious about the coolest conferences happening in the world? Read our updated guide to the best 2019 tech events you should not miss.

If any of the events in Poznań sparked your interest and and made you think about your unique business idea, visit our office and tell us about it! Shoot us an e-mail and let's talk over a cup of coffee!

If you know about any other independent tech events in Poznań area that are worth promoting, please let us know in the comments section!

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