29.07.2019Kristen Herhold

What can you learn from Prograils' Clutch reviews?

As a software house, we know we have to make constant progress and prove we are able to walk our talk. This is why we use Clutch as a platform to learn about our strengths, spot areas for improvement and let new clients find us easily.


  • Social proof is king in the B2B sector
  • Over the years, the platform Clutch has collected client feedback on how we work
  • Prograils has been awarded a 4.9 rating out of 5. News site The Manifest put us among Top 50 Ruby on Rails developers
  • If you're searching for a software outsourcing partner, Clutch reviews can give you solid data to make the right choice

Prograils and outsourcing software

In recent years, outsourcing software development has become the new normal. The annual revenue generated from technology outsourcing is estimated to be between 60 and 70 billion U.S. dollars. For most companies, it saves money, time and manpower. With the freed-up time the off-shore company provides, a firm can better focus on its core competencies. Businesses all over the world have gained a competitive advantage by taking part in development outsourcing.

At Prograils, our team recognizes the value to be gained by hiring an offshore firm. Bringing digital transformation to companies is always an important step that needs to be orchestrated and executed with utmost care. We are committed to delivering custom software that will allow our clients’ businesses run more efficiently. We have already discussed pros and cons of software outsourcing on our blog.

What is Clutch and why does it matter?

Our size helps us stand out against our competition. We’re small enough to be able to put a personalized touch on your software but big enough to offer stability. From Ruby on Rails to Elixir and iOS and Android development, we are well-versed in a wide variety of development techniques.

But we could go on and on like this without a social proof. But social proof is king.

This is why we are more than proud by learning that as a result of our efforts B2B platform Clutch has named us one of the top software developers in Poland!

Clutch is a Washington, D.C.-based ratings and reviews firm dedicated to connecting prospective buyers with appropriate service providers. The Clutch analysts have developed a distinctive methodology to create their rankings. After analyzing industry data and conducting in-depth client interviews, we have been awarded a 4.9 rating out of 5.0!

How do we benefit from Clutch reviews?

We are very thankful for our clients taking the time out of their busy days to participate in the interview process.

Below, we have featured an excerpt from a recent project we completed for a legal real estate company called Sapu from Denmark. Our team built a web-based system for this company using our knowledge of Ruby on Rails.

Our work on Sapu’s webpage helped the company increase its searchability as well as the daily user engagement on its site. Among others, we were praised on our communication abilities.

“Prograils was readily available and communicated effectively with us. Their team was quick to reply—I felt secure in every answer and solution they provided,” said the CEO of Sapu.

Another happy client we had the opportunity to work with is Openairapps from Australia. Our team provided front and backend development for an app, as well as fixed bugs as they aros

We earned a perfect, 5-star rating from this firm! Our team is always thrilled when we are able to help our clients in such impactful ways.

“Prograils has an extremely high professional integrity. They went above and beyond on multiple occasions,” said the co-founder of Openairapps.

Our CEO, Maciej Litwiniuk, recognizes the importance of client reviews on Clutch to what we do:

“Working with clients is the process of constant learning. We treat every single review as a valuable insight, a source of knowledge about what we have done right, and the occasion to spot the areas that require improvement. Each client review gives us a constructive kick and brings conclusions that have a profound effect on our future activities.”

The Manifest and Visual Objects rankings let clients find us

In addition to our Clutch feature, we can be found on The Manifest and Visual Objects, sister sites of Clutch. The Manifest, which operates like a business news platform, has recognized us among the leading Ruby on Rails developers.

Visual Objects features portfolio items of creative firms in order to give buyers a look into what they’re capable of as a company. We are also recognized for our development efforts on this platform!

Summing up: Social proof is king

At Prograils, we aim to help you move your business forward. Our team takes great pride in the past 7 years and our ability to deliver custom solutions for our clients.

While we know what our superpowers are, we also know that it’s crucial to practice what you preach. Testimonials, in-depth interviews, ratings and reviews on business platforms like Clutch are all social proof of our abilities to walk our talk. Besides being an unbiased source of information on how we work to potential clients, they are a perfect opportunity for us to learn and improve.

Found our Clutch ratings attractive? Contact us today if you think we’d be a good fit to help your company.

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