Image Recognition Platform

Scan and have fun!

A scanning app for collectible cards


Mobile applications, image recognition based on OpenCV


Java, ObjC

The challenge The Client needed a mobile application that scans collectible cards from the stickers book and digitalises them in the form of visual and audio presentations displayed in the smartphone app.

The solution We were responsible for the code development of the solution that works cross-platform on both iOS and Android. The app scans collectible cards, recognizes them and displays dedicated features like videos, songs, etc. Implementing the technology of Augmented Reality allows for additional extra features.

The application runs offline, the image recognition process does not require connection with the server. What’s worth pointing out is that all content is managed via backend - including recognizable markers and content presented. When the app runs, it connects to our servers to check for new content like markers, etc. If the new content is available, it's automatically updated.

The whole platform was developed in house by Prograils, graphics and concept were delivered by Xsmart.

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