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Works well with both native speaker students as well as ESL (English as a second language) ones. Membean does everything to make the process of gaining word consciousness more effective.

Having operated for a decade, the owners of Membean wanted to improve their website by developing new functionalities for teachers and students. We're helping them by augmenting their development team.

Client: Membean
Scope: Creating a single in-flow for teachers and students, robust authentication system, redesigning and redeveloping certain features
Technologies: Rails

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For the current version of Membean, we have created a single sign-in flow via Google accounts for both teachers and students, as well as a robust and maintainable authentication system. We have redesigned and enhanced class training reports for teachers. Our tasks were also: redeveloping the Assessments module to include the multiple-correct-answer questions, detect the occurrence of students’ cheating and be resistant to connection failures.

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