Building language fluency with Membean

E-learning platform that combines economics and psycholinguistics to enhance your English vocabulary knowledge


Creating a single in-flow for teachers and students, robust authentication system, redesigning and redeveloping certain features



The Challenge Membean works well with both native speaker students as well as ESL (English as a second language) ones. The app does everything to make the process of gaining word consciousness more effective. Having operated for a decade, the owners of Membean wanted to improve their website by developing new functionalities for teachers and students. We're helping them by augmenting their development team.

The Solution For the current version of Membean, we have created a single sign-in flow via Google accounts for both teachers and students, as well as a robust and maintainable authentication system. We have redesigned and enhanced class training reports for teachers. Our tasks were also: redeveloping the Assessments module to include the multiple-correct-answer questions, detect the occurrence of students’ cheating and be resistant to connection failures.

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