Unlike many bustling workplaces, office environment should be relatively calm and quiet place that enables productive actions. Especially it should happen in a creative environment. So, as we're proud to be creative ruby beasts, one day we've pricked up ours ears and started to listen. And we've heard a lot. Mostly, mix of unwanted, unnecessary, sometimes actually irritating stream of noise.

That's why we wanted to do something about it and think of it sensibly. We've decided that implementing a revolutionary change is needed when it came to the way we were co-working. Just to show respect and get inspiration from our everyday progress. We started to ask ourselves: what is the key to effectiveness here, at software house? What could we do if our office environment is too distracting? And finally, what should be done to prevent roadblocks on our Rails of agile development?

Why do we 'make some noise' only at weekends?

The blessing came with the innovative idea of inviting among us our new ruthless friend, the terrorist. So it happened. He settled in our office and started to spread his merciless terror. Merciless acoustic terror.

Thus, his first despotic rule was that listening to music (as we well know – its genre could be a real moot point), watching films, videos, pages with animations etc. aloud, during office hours, became strictly not advisable. Yep... that's correct. But don't be worried. As we didn't want to win the first prize in the competition for the spookiest employer, we've bought every single worker a real gem among gadgets – Creative Aurvana Live! headphone sets that muffle surrounding sounds on a pretty good level. Thanks to this shiny, glimmering, superb device, everyone can make the most of work in the most productive, chosen way. No muss, no fuss.

The second rule of our tyrant friend touches communication within the team. Surprisingly, it appeared that there are better ways of communication than shouting at the top of your voice to a friend sitting on the opposite side of the room. Or, God forbid, in the opposite room. Instead, could you believe, you can just stand up, walk and have a nice face to face conversation. And if you're not so 'human-like' kind of man, just send a virtual memo, go with an e-mail, use a chat or whatever! It does work better than screaming like a man possessed.

The last, but not least rule concerns cell phones, iPods, iPads, smart toys, gameboys, alarm clocks or other tamagotchi eggs we secretly hide in our pockets. In general: every kind of electronic device that can or potentially could produce sounds is not welcome aboard without being muted. In other words: mute your devices and let them spread good vibrations in your pocket! And if you have to: do the talking, ringing, calling, tapping, beeping, dialing, clicking (and whatever -ing you can do with your device) in another room. There are plenty of friendly places all over our office, try using kitchen, or our superb, comfortable chill-out room.

The office orchestra.

Real acoustic terror, isn't it? Well, to be honest more or less. Rather less. Why? Because it really works. Yes, that's right, acoustic terror in our software house does work. We've noticed that we derive nothing but profits from introducing it into our office life. There's nothing like working to the accompaniment of noiseless and friendly, but somewhat against logic - vital and energizing orchestra of office sounds. And if you're wondering WHY, you'll find out soon, here, on our ruby blog that will bring you news from the Ruby on Rails front.

Chaga Chaga Choo Choo, see you soon on the rails!