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The Prograils guide to top tech conferences in 2020

2020 is here and tech conferences are in plans of many companies, startup founders, software developers and technology enthusiasts. Based on the scope of web and mobile development services at Prograils, as well as our own experiences, we have chosen 15 hottest events, conferences, summits - you name it - happening this year.

DeveloperWeek, February 12-16, San Francisco

Named "world's largest developer expo", Developer Week is a travelling event in the United States with the epicentre in San Francisco. Over 8,000 developers will gather to take part in 15 event tracks of expos, conferences (topics include JavaScript, AI, microservices, databases, Python, product strategy) and hackathons. Further events are planned in Seattle, New York, Washington D.C. and Austin.

Tech Conferences in 2020: DeveloperWeek 2019 Aftermovie

Tech conferences in March 2020, March 2-4, Austin, USA

An event hosted by the vue.js creator, Evan You and the, framework's core team. This will be the third edition and the agenda features workshops, speeches and networking opportunities for the growing vue.js community.

DataFest, March, 9-20, Scotland

A special cluster of over 60 events in various cities of Scotland. The main theme this year is #BeyondData. The organizers and their guests will examine "real impacts that data and AI can have in people's lives", and take a look at the value created by data in various industries, or, generally, in the world. DataFest's main events are: Data Summit in Edinburgh with keynotes and panels (March 19-20), Data Talent in Glasgow being a showcase for both students and entrepreneurs (March 17), Data Tech (March 16) with technical presentations for industry, public sector and academics, as well as numerous fringe events.

Tech Conferences in 2020: DataFest 2019 Highlights

FutureFest, March 20, London, UK

Probably the least technical one on this list, this event is highly recommended for all those who want to look at problems ranging from sustainability to security and innovation from a different angle. In previous years, FutureFest featured a lecture by Edward Snowden. This year, nicknamed "a celebration of our powers to shape the future", the festival will host filmmaker Louis Theroux, musician Charlotte Church, as well as attractions like cruise ship's AR avatar.

Google Cloud Next, April 6-8, San Francisco

Google Cloud Next offers a behind-the-scenes look at Google Cloud innovations. People behind world's leading brands are going to talk about how they leverage the cloud in their buisnesses. A great opportunity to see how Google Cloud transforms entire industries.

Ruby Kaigi, April 9-11, Nagano, Japan

Despite no specific agenda has yet been published for RubyKaigi 2020, Ruby 3.0 is expected to be released later this year, so any Ruby programmer can rest assured that this flagship event will be packed with interesting stuff.

ElixirConf, April 29-30, Warsaw, Poland

After taking place in Prague last year, ElixirConf returns to Warsaw. 2 days of talks, 1 day of tutorials are what you can expect at this premiere Elixir conference in the world. Speakers? Among others Chris McCord, the creator of the Phoenix framework. Going to ElixirConf this year, you'll learn what's new in the language, a lot of best practices and industry use cases of Elixir. Let alone networking opportunities for the thriving Elixir community.

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RailsConf 2020, May 5-7, Portland, USA

As a Ruby on Rails software house, we couldn't ommit the annual RailsConf in our guide. RailsConf is a 3-day-long conference with 7 sessions running concurrently. The event is devoted to both technical and non-technical topics in the Rails ecosystem. Who is the target audience? "Ruby on Rails developers, QA folks, designers, former-developers-turned-managers, and many more, with experience levels ranging from beginner to veteran". Topics include: Active Support, non-technical experiences in a technical world, mentoring for senior devs, Rails at scale and many more.

Learn about new features in Rails 6.0

infoShare 2020, May 13-14, Gdańsk, Poland

The biggest tech conference in Central Eastern Europe. 2 days, 11 stages, talks and workshops covering areas ranging from front/back end to security and marketing. Thinking of doing business in this part of the region? You definitely should visit infoShare!

Tech Conferences in 2020: infoShare 2019 Aftermovie

WWDC 2020, usually first or second week of June, San Jose, USA

No specific date announced yet, but Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference usually takes place in two first weeks of June. This year, the event's focus is rumored to be on updates to existing Apple operating systems and, probably, the appearance of new Macs.

PIRATE Summit, June 24-26, Odonien, Germany

The 10th anniversary edition of Europe's most maverick event dedicated to grassroots entrepreneurship. Because of this, PIRATE Summit will be part of a series of events titled PIRATE Week. Although tech is discussed at PS, it’s more about using technology to solve real problems. Attractions? Campfires, cold drinks, informal atmosphere, scrapyard turned art gallery outdoors & the atmosphere which is about giving, sharing and asking.

React Day, September 11, New York

An intimate (300 tickets) event for all the React(Native) enthusiasts. React Day in New York is for those who want to keep things simple: it’s one day, one venue (the famous Brooklyn Bowl) and one track of events. Networking opportunities with React professionals aim at growing the framework’s global community.

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SaaStock 2020, October 12-14, Dublin

“A Disneyland for SaaS companies. 4000+ SaaS trailblazers”. Startup Program, scholarships and bootcamp - all in one place.

Tech Conferences in 2020: SaaStock 2019 Aftermovie

WebSummit 2020, November 2-5, Lisbon, Portugal

Forbes calls Lisbon's WebSummit "the best technology conference on the planet", The New York Times - "great conclave of the tech industry’s high priests". While details about this year's agenda are yet to be unveiled, the organizers say that this November they will be asking CEOs of tech companies, leading startups and heads of states a simple question: where to next? Will they come up with any meaningful answers? We shall see.

Slush Helsinki, November 19-20, Helsinki, Finland

A technology conference which is not taking place in sunny California, but in cold & rainy Helsinki? Hell yes. But the location and weather are not the only things that make Slush Helsinki so special. Slush is a non-profit event, entrepreneur-centered event set up by volunteers. Over the years, it has evolved and resulted in connected events in China, Japan and USA, but its heart still beats in Helsinki. Founders of startups that aim to grow fast - here is your next destination.

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