Why you were supposed to read this article yesterday?

So, you're lucky to have the opportunity to work remotely from home. Every day, regularly, occasionally? Still, you've got the perfect occasion to taste the sweet lure of slacking. And to be honest – from time to time – it's absolutely okay.

Procrastination – the temptation of remote working.

Hitch starts when the situation gets out of control and treating becomes an over-treat: you're swamped with work and your deadlines have past expiry date just like sour milk in your fridge. In this way you're meeting the point you have to make yourself clear and think about reorganizing your productivity.

Shut out distractions.

As you're finally settled in front of your computer with a decent cup of fresh coffee, ready and steady for creative work you'll probably notice that something desperately needs to be cleaned, washed, polished, or in harder level – plastered, soldered or hewed. Your FB chat beeps constantly and you caught yourself on humming the entrance song from well known series that your TV projects somewhere in the background. If so, you have probably never heard of the true blessing in the form of acoustic terror. For the work hours, mute your electronic devices, turn down the sound carriers, shut down needless communicators. Remote wisely, stay focused.

Check how many distractions in your digital life disrupt your work with the interesting tool, a real helpful hand, available on the Internet - Rescue Time.

Don't let anyone else walk in your shoes. Or wear your pajama.

Fight for your work character and it's comfy privileges and leave your pajama safely hidden somewhere in your bedroom. Mind your state of mind. Wear business casual clothes, separate your homeishness from your work-mindset. There's a psychological theory that says the clearance and hygiene of your mind makes your efficiency widely increased, keeps you stay focused and prevents you from distractions. Settle boundaries between your home and work life. Of course it doesn't mean you have to wear a tie somewhere between a kettle and a toaster in your kitchen. Keeping presentable attire will help you to be productive – there is slightly chance that you'll dust the furniture in your white shirt.

Schedule yourself.

This one needs your self-conscious. Know yourself, settle your operating hours, find your best. Act according to your biological system to perform your best. Manage your time and try to follow your daily routine. Consider your lunch time, some coffee breaks, few deep breaths of fresh air, let your eyes rest from the computer. Stop for a while and boost your productivity. Working in home environment gives you unusual opportunities to re-charge your batteries and re-boot your brain. You can easily boost your productivity by taking a short nap. Have you heard of the incredible effects of a short snooze during the day?


Oh, I almost forgot to answer the title question – why you were supposed to read this article yesterday?

Well, I was making a research and had to procrastinate a little that is why this text was made in association with several breaks for the Social Media and world news, 2 coffees, 3 teas, lunch with supper and 8 levels of Candy Crush. (Damn thing!)

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