26.01.2017Ashmeet Singh

5 free tools every CxO should use

We all know how incredibly busy CxOs are. Startup leaders quite often have to juggle multiple responsibilities at the same time. From managing a team of developers, to taking care of Business Development, to even handling administrative tasks.

More often than not, a lot of time and effort is wasted on avoidable, repeatable and let's be honest unproductive tasks. Good news, there are free tools which can assist you to boost your daily productivity by automating and/or in some cases avoiding these repetitive actions. Below are our top 5 picks:

1. Mixmax

Mixmax does it all! From Scheduling & tracking emails to even snoozing them so that your message pops back at you right when you feel like reading it! While the free version has certain restrictions on these features, with just $9 a month you get unlimited email tracking, scheduling, send later & reminders, email templates and snoozing. Now that's what you call a sweet deal!

2. Calendly

Probably one of the most annoying thing ever is to agree on a time which both suits you and the person you'd like to have a meeting, give demo or perhaps interview someone. We all have been in such situations and usually it takes couple of emails to find a mutual agreement. Calendly seamlessly syncs with your calendar (google, office 365, iCloud) which lets you share your availability with your clients, colleagues, job applicants, etc. so that you spend more time chatting and less time typing!


Perhaps the easiest way to unsubscribe from all the unwanted services you've signed up over the years. It's as easy as a pie and totally free to use and will clean up your mailbox within a minute. Don't worry it'll ask you which services to say adios to and which ones you would like to stay with before you hit the confirm button.

4. Teamlens

Don't have time and/or possibility to go to each and every team member and ask 'what's up?' Well, Worry no more! With Teamlens you get a daily digest of what's hot and what's cold right while you're sipping your morning coffee. What more? You can use the online application to filter updates concerning different projects and team members! Sweet isn't it?

5. Charlie

How many times you've been to a meeting without any prep? Probably more often than less. In today's hustle & bustle we hardly have time to get briefed about the person we are about to indulge into an important conversation. With Charlie's instant one-page briefing you can make a killer impression whoever you're meeting.

What tools/apps you use to boost your daily productivity at work? We would love to know what gets you going everyday at work.

Meanwhile, why won't you grab another coffee and find out how to remain calm and stres-free at work.

Stay positive!

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