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Piotr Boniecki on 30.01.14 in Ruby on Rails
Post ruby performance

Ruby 2.1.0 performance in Rails tests

Ruby 2.1.0 introduced many performance improvements.

Ruby 2.1.0 (released on the very end of previous year) introduced many performance improvements, about which you can read here In fact, Ruby core developer Aman Gupta published earlier today nice post about how GC works now.

How much faster can Ruby 2.1 be in day-to-day workflow? I've decided to give it a try and checked on one of our apps with ~600 tests and 1600 assertions.

Intel(R) Core(tm) i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz x 4 / 8GB RAM / SSD (Ubuntu 12.04)



Improvement => 2:48,047 - 2:20,735 = 27,31 s => 16.25%

MacBook Air - Intel Core i5 1,6GHz, 4GB RAM (OSX 10.9)



Improvement => 4:35,18 - 3:17,02 = 78,16 s => 28.40%

Those tests could be done better, be more in-depth, they could show how new Ruby is performing for specific operations. But what's most important for us, as developers, is how quicker our tests can be. And hopefully this posts answers that (in some wide perspective). As you can see your test can be faster up to almost 30%. So if you're still on 2.0 then definitelly give new GC a try.

(credits: photo from

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