Playbook for how to run a software development house

Let us take you for a ride. Meet our Playbook!

Most companies claim to be different than the others. No matter in which field they run their businesses, they tend to assure the client of their uniqueness. Too bad that frequently it ends with usually general statements and no deeper insight is offered into the way they do their thing. We have decided not to repeat that mistake.

As a software house providing high-quality, bespoke and perfectly crafted solutions for our clients, we value effective communication. This is why we have decided to give them an all-inclusive ride into our process. No elusive claims, no well-worn phrases, just a look at how we really do it in Prograils.

Meet our Playbook. Besides strictly technical information about how we handle Ruby on Rails, Elixir on Phoenix, Android and iOS, you will learn about our background, working environment and how actually we manage our projects. Want to know why we prefer to work in a rather small team of people instead of creating corporate structures within structures? Why we avoid ninja patching and double- or triple check our solutions and, finally, why we don't like working in open space offices?

There you go:
Read the Prograils Playbook

It is our intention to make each and every stage of our conduct clear. It's about the quality of communication and it needs to be transparent. Because you are not only our client, but a Partner. Welcome to the world of Prograils. Take a few minutes and let us walk you through it. Enjoy the tour!

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