If you have a Rails application running on the SAP Hana platform the issue you may encounter is how to allow users to login with their SAP account. We’ve managed to accomplish it and we would like to share with you a small tutorial about how we did that.

We’ve used a FORM based SAP Hana authentication method. More about SAP authentication strategies you can find here.

First, if you are using warbler gem, you have to create a web.xml file to overwrite the web.xml file originally created by warbler. For my app the file looks like this:

Next, you’ll have to define a couple of methods in your controller to make SAP login authorization possible. Here is an example how I did it in my controller:

Then you only need to add your sap_test to your roots.rb and you are ready to go.

Ps - Wonder how to get your Rails app running on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform? All clear!

Photo by: startupstockphotos.com