How we become truly transparent?

The specificity of our business field lets us to reap the benefits of the Internet environment and work with our clients remotely. By sharing mutual approach to e-business, we and our customers have worked out the key to success. And the name of this key is transparency.

Launching a web or startup for the first time? Bet on transparency.

Tips for Non-Technical Tech Entrepreneurs.

What an exciting times we've got!

New technologies, the Internet, e-commerce, cyberspace, future trends. All is full of possibilities and new solutions. The specificity of our business field lets us to reap the benefits of the Internet environment and work with our clients remotely. By sharing mutual approach to e-business, we and our customers have worked out the key to success. And the name of this key is transparency.

Communication as a groundwork for remote projects.

Lack of communication is an usual problem that crashes every project. If you want to bring into life the ideas of your client you have to make sure you're both harmoniously walking in the same direction with a mutual understanding. Here is how we're dealing with those requirements in Prograils.

Step 1: a good welcome

So, you have made your first step by deciding to give us a shot? Well, I can only immodestly say that this is a wonderful choice! We surely won't let you down. What happens next is that we would really love to know you better. We’d like to shake our hands in person (Have you ever visited Poznan?) or at least talk to you face to face via Skype or Google Hangouts and have a chat about your ideas. It would be great to walk in your shoes for a moment to get to know your point of view, understand your needs. Our initial meeting will help us to get to know each other and make our future relations more 'human' like, plus you'll have the opportunity to find out how nice and easy-going guys we are, check our willing attitude and our unique professional charm. Tempting, huh?

Step 2: setting the rules

Now it's time for business talking. This is the moment when we talk over the project, share our ideas, concepts, visions and solutions. We'll visualize the final product and what is within the scope of creating it. We will also settle common partnership conditions and the rules that will be obligatory during and after the process of development. In other words: this crucial step assures both parties that there's no place for ambiguity, inaccuracy, and misunderstanding.

Step 3: time to work

Before we knuckle down and work hard under your project you will be given the access to some useful tools that involve you into the progress of the project and let you track time spent under it. Have you heard about He is our client's best friend! This is our home-made application that helps everyone, from the devs, through CEOs, PMs and our dear Clients to stay up to date with the actual state of the current projects and be informed about the progress of our work. Read only guest access will easily provide you through every step of our development process, also export you handy time reports. What is more, you'll be up to date with the code by several outer tools like trello or github. At any time, feel free to interfere.

New to Agile software development? Learn how we use Trello for effective project management and to control our daily workflow!

Step 4: your opinion matters

We would like you to take an active part in our development at every stage of the project because we do believe that your opinion on an ongoing basis matters a lot. From the beginning of our work you'll receive the access to the unique domain address where you can find actual version of your product. Observe, test, validate, comment, take a part in your project and be sure that the work is right on a target. You don't have to take our words – what you get is what you see.

Step 5: no blue screen of death

Unexpected failure happens to the best of us. But only top ones reacts at once. Every project we have successfully finished is being tracked by the monitoring tools. In case of emergency, we as well as our Client are informed by an adequate e-mail about the situation so we can handle with the problem ASAP. Under guarantee, for free.

Step 6: Stay in touch

You've got the full right to stay in touch with us via accessible way of communication. Wanna e-mail, call, Skype us? Our best Project Managers ever are always there for you. Rely on the experience of our contact persons and let PMs do their best - they know how to assign tasks effectively and communicate at the highest possible level. No muss, no fuss.

Step 7: Celebrate the success!

Because it will surely occur. We bet on transparency during every step of our projects. This is our lucky charm. We’ve got nothing to hide. As you can see we do love to play with our customers with cards on our table. Not in our sleeves.

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