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Marketplace development and e-commerce software solutions for business

Create a unique e-commerce website for your brand or develop an online marketplace for different kinds of goods!

Custom e-commerce website or marketplace platform?

The Internet changed commerce forever. First with online stores, then with whole marketplace websites.

Any business that sells goods can benefit from e-commerce web development.

You can:

  • either build your own webstore from scratch,
  • sign up for one of multi-vendor marketplaces in the web,
  • or, if you think really big, build your own one and make money by connecting goods producers and customers online.

While e-commerce websites are often built for a specific brand or product category, marketplaces accumulate multiple sellers, exposing them to wider audiences.

Major benefits of marketplace development include:

  • as an entrepreneur, you are independent of any particular brand,
  • market segment or product category, add or delete them anytime you want,
  • marketplaces are attractive and cost-effective for sellers who don’t want to build their webstores from scratch,
  • offer a wider array of products and services for customers than single-brand webstores.

Prograils has experience in e-commerce websites and marketplace development.

We build software that resolves the main concerns of marketplace startups:

  • attracting both vendors and their customers with clear & practical functionalities,
  • growing conversion rates and revenue with designs users love,
  • make sales effortless thanks to process automation.

Traderspace: an online marketplace at growth

At first, Traderspace was a local shopping platform for agricultural goods. During our cooperation with its inventor, Openairapps, the concept evolved into a global, web-based marketplace for all kinds of goods.

Traderspace has an advanced search engine that filters results by location. Most recently, its users can enjoy interactive features like rating, liking and following each other. In 2020, Traderspace is expecting 5,000 registered users and 1,000 subscriptions.

Thinking about custom marketplace development?

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