Custom software development for the sports industry

Fitness trackers, personal training apps, management web platforms and many more. Custom software transforms the sports industry as we speak. Be a part of that change.

Sports and fitness adapt extremely fast to the digital revolution. New technologies make physical activity attractive, and lives of club managers easier. This is how software solutions make more and more profit for the industry. Sounds like what you are aiming for?

How sports can benefit from software development?

Crossfit Copenhagen: Web and mobile workout app

Since 2014, we’ve been working on Crossfit Copenhagen. The application enables crossfit enthusiasts to book training sessions in over 20 studios in major cities of Denmark. Thanks to social-media-like features, its users can follow and like each other’s activities.

Read more about Crossfit Copenhagen.

GrasPro: Field management system for football/soccer fields

We helped develop GrasPro, a cloud-hosted field management software for soccer/football fields. Managers report their daily tasks like watering & mowing, and plan their future activities.

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