E-learning solutions and software development for education

Learning apps, open educational resources, AR/VR use cases and IoT solutions are but a few examples of how software development enhances education in the 21st century. Are you in the education industry? Let’s take your services to the next level!

How can education benefit from software development?

As the world moves forward, so evolves education. Traditional, teacher-centered methods are shifting towards personalized learning.

Thanks to new technologies, tutors and students can benefit from:

Membean: language learning app that makes you a wordmaster

Membean is an e-learning platform for native speakers and ESL (English as a second language) students. It helps them expand their wordbase and build language fluency.

The web-based system is integrated with Google accounts of both teachers and students. Teachers can track their students’ progress based on class training reports and detect any instances of cheating during tests and exercises.

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