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Every project is different, there is no secret formula that reveals how to manage IT projects. It all depends on your needs and expectations, we can, however, bring this process a little closer to you:

Project Request: it all starts with the initial contact. First of all, we would like to walk in your shoes for a while and understand your vision. We’ll never undertake a project we simply don’t feel and work on something that doesn’t excite us at the end of the day.

Estimations: in order to provide you with the numbers we have to know some details that explain the complexity of the project. With this knowledge, we’ll be able to estimate the budget and timeframes. Learn more about our software pricing models.

Project Scope: the more detailed the better for us. Specifications help us prepare exact calculations, suggest technologies and solutions.

Meeting: whenever you want, you’re always welcome in our office. If geography is the problem we can easily arrange a face-to-face chat via Zoom, Hangouts or Skype. We encourage you, though, to visit us in Poznan and meet in person. After hours: we know some places which serve really good food (and beer too)!

Test Drive: we offer everyone who wants to start a cooperation with us a 40-hours ‘Test Drive’. The rule is simple - either you’re happy with what you get and we’re getting paid or we just split without any obligations.

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