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The people


We aim not to grow with more than 30 people onboard (the reason you’ll find in ‘Values’ section of the ‘Who we are’ chapter). Right now our team consists of 25 members, so if you’d like to join us, you’d better hurry up.

We take full ownership of what we do and how it is done. This is why we do not outsource any part of our work to third parties. And we have no plans of doing so.

With Prograils, you can be sure that all the work on your project is done by us and no one else.

Wearing many hats can end up with a serious headache. Knowing that, we don’t sublease any of our employees to other projects. We make sure our people are always aware where and for whom they work.

Why? Because, once again, it’s not about numbers, but the people.


Right now we’re looking for experienced Ruby on Rails developers. If you think you’re a good fit, tell us something about you at hello@prograils.com


After joining us, the first three months will be your ‘trial’ during which we’ll see if we understand each other and are on the same page. As remote working is fine, this is the time you should spend with us in the office. We don’t have any career paths or employer yearly reviews. The rule is simple, you will be properly rewarded for your work, accordingly your commitment and skills.

Work environment:

Most people hate open spaces. Well, we hate them too. Our spacious office is divided into separate rooms, everyone in our office has their own private zone around the desk.

We guarantee the most comfortable working conditions, everyone is equipped with high-quality headphones, large-size, adjustable-height standing/sitting desks and as many monitors and other hardware as one needs. Stability balls and ergonomic chairs create a healthy environment at work.

There is also a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) rule at our office, which means that our employees and contractors can work on their private hardware if they prefer so.

Also, silence is probably one of the most productive and healthy factors we believe in. That’s why we try to avoid producing general noise in the office such as loud conversations and (constant) interruptions.


We do respect our health. You can stay in good shape thanks to private healthcare, gym membership, fresh fruits or fresh breakfasts in the office. Do you feel like cycling to work? No problem at all, you can safely leave your bicycle in our private garden and then freshen up by taking a shower. We have one in one of our bathrooms. If you happen to catch a cold, you’re not welcome in the office: just to prevent spreading viruses. Take your time to recover at home, if you feel up to - you can work remotely.

Public health care system has its weaknesses. Having that in mind thanks to the private health insurance our employees can avoid waiting lists and get prompt private medical care. In emergency cases, we can participate in the necessary expenses that can help our employees to recover faster.

Our toys:

Oh, we like toys. Our office is equipped with the newest devices and hardware, we’re always up to date with new trends and gadgets. We can finance the device of your choice. Simply, tell us about your need.


Actually, it’s hard to list all them all. Quick examples are private healthcare, life insurance, English classes, gym membership, fresh fruits and breakfasts in the office, kindle readers, hardware needed, out-of-office days, pizza-days, and so on.

Our Prograils’es elite Member, Support and Prospect Hoodies are well known, not only in town. We wear our club badges with respect - one for all, all for one.

Should you need a professional advice of the lawyer, it’s on us too.


We do our best to maintain a good atmosphere in the office. Play Station, VR, table football and a chill room. Mate energy, soft drinks and high-quality coffee. The garden, hammock, ergonomic chairs and electric standing desks. A saturator, a smoothie maker, and last but not least - a comfortable and friendly office full of plants for sure have an influence on it.

We like spending time together also after hours, some office parties are labelled as epic. When the weather is nice, a meal in the fresh air is always a good idea: our company’s barbecue and garden furniture set helps us to relax. Kids are warmly welcome, we have a small playground too!


We encourage our employees to self-development. We’d be happy to finance or refund books, e-books (each team member has their own Kindle reader) courses, equipment, additions, extensions or conferences, including fees, transport and accommodation. Found self-improving resources worth buying? Spread the news on our dedicated Slack channel (#self-improvement) and gather together interested ones. We’ll make a purchase shortly.

You think our office lacks something that is essential in improving your working comfort? Feel free to tell us!


Our home-made application called ‘Reward them’ is a recognition and reward system which primary role is to strengthen the relationship between co-workers and cultivate team identity. Each month every team member receives an allowance (50 points, 1 point = 1 Polish Zloty). Everyone is entitled to dispense 50 points to their co-workers, so theoretically one can gain 50 points per number of team members. This amount can be a nice addition to the basic salary. We’re using ‘Reward them’ when saying ‘Thank you’ just doesn’t seem like enough.


Our internal day-off policy is meticulously guided by our another home-made app. It’s called ‘Absence’ and it helps us in managing our vacations. Employees are entitled to 20 days-off during the year. Annual leave is paid, unused leave is also covered by financial compensation. To maintain smooth work-flow within the company, no more than 55% of the team can be out of the office at a time.

Longer absence should be planned in advance: according to our policy 1 day-off = 1 week of prior notice. For example, if you’d like to take five days-off you have to notify this fact no later than five calendar weeks before. Mind the fact: splitting up the period of prior notice is not allowed, i.e. you won’t be able to get five days-off three weeks earlier by requesting two consecutive vacations that last three + two days.

Sometimes, however, in circumstances assessed on an individual basis, there might be exceptions in our internal day-off policy.

In teamwork, flow is everything. Although we offer flexible working hours to our entire team, some things need to be discussed face to face at our office or through videochat, at a given time. Out of respect for each other's time and productivity, we ask every Prograils team member to inform the management on any instance of planned absence/delay until 10 AM. Need to take care of your kids, visit a dentist or get something done elsewhere? Fine, just tell.

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