7.03.2019Cyprian Łakomy

7 facts about Prograils for our 7th birthday

Celebrating our 7th birthday, we look at our achievements in developing web and mobile apps, look at the present and have rather concrete plans for the future of our software house.

It's been 7 years. By some, 7 is deemed a lucky number. Ourselves included. 7 years of code loving, meaningful development, acquiring valuable business partners and creating the workplace we simply like. To celebrate our seventh anniversary, we present you seven essential insights into what we are about. And we have an offer for you.

1. From 4 to 25

Back in 2012, Prograils was just four guys handling duties that ranged from writing code and testing it, to project management and conceptualization of services. Fast forward to 2019, our staff has grown over fivefold and we like it that way. Being still a small software house lets us always be on top of things, and keep our dev cycle simple and transparent.

We have established our workflow and even came up with own project management tool - Teamlens, which lets us know who did what in which project.

2. Countless projects, 14 active ones

Over the years, we have built solutions for industries ranging from entertainment and education to fitness and healthcare. We have also contributed several projects to Open Source. The web interface for i18n, Lit 2.0, is the latest example and we are super proud of it.

Apart from Ruby on Rails, which was our main weapon since our humble beginnings, we have broadened our technology stack with Phoenix which lets you write fast-growing web applications in Elixir, and with React and HTML5. We also have mobile developers on board who are skilled in building apps for both iOS and Android, as well as cross-platform ones in React Native.

Our ruthless QA team will make sure a product is free of any bugs and our project manager is always ready to discuss ideas for a new service, show what Agile development is about and help construct a valuable MVP.

The quality of our work has been recognized by our clients. You can read their reviews on our Clutch account. Clutch, a research, review and rating company connecting worldwide businesses to software agencies and consultancy firms, listed Prograils among the leaders in the B2B software service providers category.

3. We are always up for challenges

Do you dare us? We will eagerly pick up the gauntlet! In fact, we like challenges. We are always up for projects that add value to users' daily lives.

Whatever the difficulties may be, we tend to focus on projects we can fully relate to and identify with. If the work on a project is fun and feels educative for us - count us in!

No, we don't take on any projects just for the sake of cashing in on them. Also - if you want us to code something fast and cheap, then well, we are not the match for your business.

4. Even though we are tech, we are 110% human

We've all heard stereotypes about programmers - guys with odd sense of humor at best, pals that have hard time socializing with each other. Even though we love club mate and play video games during the work breaks, we have decided to be as far from that typical picture as possible.

Being a relatively small team helps us build good office relations, solve problems in person and not behind each other's back. Sounds cliche? Well, maybe, but believe us, we really don't like the corporate fashion of doing business. Besides that, we simply like hanging out with each other during parties, trips and our monthly free lunches.

Even our penalty system for leaving your computer unlocked has a sweet flavor to it - you are obliged to buy doughnuts for the entire team!

5. The thing you most probably didn't know about Prograils is...

Well, now you know that we eat large numbers of doughnuts, but maybe that's not something to brag about. Some of us have their unofficial job titles: one of our devs is a Chief Doughnut Officer (well, again), the other one - a Chief Coffee Officer (we drank 16,000 cups of coffee so far!), another - Chief Door Officer, etc.

Taking things more seriously: Prograils has been the first real job ever for 15 (you read it correct: fifteen) of us. 15 zero (experience) to heros. And they still don't want to change their jobs. We believe it tells you something about us.

6. We play by certain rules

Yeah, we all know these "Our Mission" or "Values" tabs in the menu bars of big business' websites. We don't even try to imitate all these cliché phrases about making the world a better place. Still, we do have our own style of doing things at Prograils and like when our work has a bigger impact. There are values that are common among every one of us. Be it a personal business model (meaning we like when you are closely involved in a project), transparency and quality over quantity. They have been fundamental to Prograils since day one, and are here to stay forever.

To make newcomers or clients better understand what we are all about, we have compiled The Prograils Playbook, which is a set of rules by which we run our software house. Our Playbook contains information valuable from both future customers' and future workers' point of view. Read it to learn more about us.

7. The 2019 tech events you can meet us at are...

We like traveling and attending tech conferences. The major events we will be visiting this year include:

Making travel plans? Read our 2019 tech events guide!

Looks cool? Well, we have a deal for you...

We are looking for a Rails developer to join our team in Poznań, Poland. So if the above summary got your attention and you are looking for a decent job, feel free to drop us a line.

If you would like to learn more about our recruitment process for Rails devs, read this article.

Ready? Let's shape the next 7 years (or more) of Prograils together!

Cover photo by Josh Bean on Unsplash

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